What Is a Double Data Type in SQL?


Larry Thompson

A double data type in SQL is a numeric data type that represents floating-point numbers. It is commonly used to store values with decimal places. The double data type is also known as “double precision” or “float” in some database management systems.

Features of Double Data Type

The double data type has the following features:

  • Precision: The double data type offers higher precision compared to other numeric data types like integer or float.
  • Range: It can store a wide range of values, including both positive and negative numbers.
  • Size: The size of a double data type depends on the database management system being used. In most systems, it occupies 8 bytes of storage.


The double data type is commonly used when there is a need for precise calculations involving decimal values. It is particularly useful in financial applications, scientific calculations, and any scenario where accuracy is crucial.


Let’s consider an example to understand the usage of the double data type:

    id INT,
    name VARCHAR(50),
    price DOUBLE

In this example, we have created a table named “Product” with three columns: “id”, “name”, and “price”. The “price” column is defined as a double data type to store the product price with decimal places.


While using the double data type, it’s important to keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Precision Loss: Due to the nature of floating-point representation, there may be a loss of precision in calculations involving double data type values. It’s important to be aware of this and handle it appropriately in your application.
  • Storage Size: The double data type consumes more storage compared to other numeric data types. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the storage requirements when designing your database schema.


The double data type is a versatile numeric data type in SQL that allows for precise calculations involving decimal values. It offers a wide range and high precision, making it suitable for various applications. Understanding its features and considerations will help you make informed decisions while working with double data types in SQL.

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