What Is a Discord Server Boost?


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A Discord Server Boost is a feature provided by Discord that allows users to support their favorite servers and unlock various perks in return. This boost system was introduced in late 2019 as a way to enhance the server experience and offer additional benefits to those who contribute.

What Does Server Boosting Do?

When you boost a server, you essentially make it more prominent within the Discord community. This means that your boosted server will receive several advantages over non-boosted servers. Let’s take a look at some of the perks you can unlock by boosting a server:

1. Enhanced Audio Quality

Boosting a server grants access to high-quality audio streaming. This is especially useful for communities that focus on music or voice communication, as it significantly improves the overall sound experience.

2. Custom Server Banner

A boosted server can create its own unique banner. This banner appears at the top of your server’s main page and helps personalize your community’s identity. You can use eye-catching visuals or display important information about your server using this feature.

3. Vanity URL

You can create an easy-to-remember URL for your boosted server. Instead of having a random string of characters in the invite link, you can customize it to reflect your community’s name or theme. A vanity URL makes it much easier for new members to join and remember your server.

4. Extra Emoji Slots

A boosted server receives additional slots for custom emojis. Emojis play a vital role in expressing emotions and creating an engaging environment within Discord servers. With more emoji slots, you have greater flexibility in adding unique emojis that match your community’s style.

5. Animated Server Icon

Boosted servers can use animated icons. Animated icons add a touch of creativity and liveliness to your server’s appearance. It allows you to showcase your server’s branding or create fun and interactive experiences for your members.

How Does Server Boosting Work?

To boost a server, you need Discord Nitro, which is Discord’s premium subscription service. Nitro comes in two tiers – Nitro Classic and Nitro. Only Nitro users can boost servers, but anyone can benefit from the boosted perks once they are unlocked.

When you boost a server, you spend one of your boosts on that particular server. Discord Nitro Classic users get one boost, while Nitro users receive two boosts. Each boost lasts for 7 days, so it’s crucial to keep boosting the server regularly to maintain the perks.

To start boosting a server, find the server you want to support in your Discord client, click on the down arrow next to its name, and select “Server Boost”. From there, follow the prompts to apply your boosts.

Boost Level Tiers

Discord has implemented a tier system based on the number of boosts a server receives. These tiers unlock additional perks as more users contribute their boosts:

  • Level 1: The initial level unlocked after receiving only one boost.
  • Level 2: Unlocked after reaching a total of 15 boosts.
  • Level 3: Unlocked after reaching a total of 30 boosts.

The higher the boost level, the more perks become available. Higher levels not only provide more benefits for individual servers but also demonstrate the community’s dedication and support.

In Conclusion

Server boosting is an excellent way to contribute to the Discord community and show your support for your favorite servers. By boosting a server, you unlock various perks like enhanced audio quality, custom server banners, vanity URLs, extra emoji slots, and animated server icons.

Remember, boosting a server requires Discord Nitro and is a subscription-based service. But once you boost a server, all members can enjoy the unlocked benefits during that boost period.

Start boosting your favorite servers today and help them stand out in the vibrant Discord landscape!

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