What Is a Boosted Server Discord?


Heather Bennett

A Boosted Server on Discord is a server that has been enhanced with additional features and perks. When a server is boosted, it gains various benefits that can improve the overall user experience and make the server more attractive to its members.

Boosting a Server

To boost a server, you need to have Discord Nitro or be a member of a server that has Nitro Boosting enabled. Once you have access to these features, you can choose to use your boosts on any server of your choice.

Boosting a server not only helps the server but also provides benefits for the booster themselves. The number of boosts you have determines the level of perks you receive, such as increased audio quality, improved video streaming, and enhanced upload limits.

Benefits of Boosting

When a server is boosted, it receives a variety of advantages:

  • Improved Audio Quality: Boosted servers enjoy higher audio quality during voice chats, allowing for clearer communication among members.
  • Enhanced Video Streaming: Boosted servers can stream videos in higher resolutions and enjoy smoother playback.
  • Increase in Upload Limit: The upload limit for files and attachments is increased on boosted servers, allowing members to share larger files without limitations.
  • Premium Server Banner: A boosted server can customize its banner with high-quality images or GIFs to showcase its unique branding or theme.

Tier Levels

A boosted server has different tier levels based on the number of boosts it receives. Each tier comes with additional perks:

Tier 1 – Level 1

  • Server Icon Badge: The server receives a badge next to its icon, indicating its boosted status.
  • 50+ Emoji Slots: The server gains extra slots for custom emojis, allowing for more unique expressions.

Tier 2 – Level 2

  • Animated Server Icon: The server can set an animated icon to further personalize its appearance.
  • 50+ Emoji Slots: Additional emoji slots are provided, bringing the total to over 100.

Tier 3 – Level 3

  • Vanity URL: A boosted server at this level can create a custom vanity URL, making it easier for users to remember and join.
  • 100+ Emoji Slots: The number of emoji slots is doubled, allowing for even more customization options.

Note that the perks mentioned above are subject to change as Discord continues to improve and expand its features.

The Boosting Community

Nitro Boosting has created a sense of community within Discord. Users often collaborate and pool their boosts to unlock higher tier levels for their favorite servers. This mutual support fosters a positive environment and encourages server owners to provide quality content and engage with their members.

In conclusion, a Boosted Server on Discord offers numerous advantages such as improved audio quality, enhanced video streaming, increased upload limits, and various customization options. By boosting servers, users not only enhance their own experience but also contribute to the growth and success of the communities they enjoy being a part of.

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