What Happens if You Boost a Discord Server Once?


Scott Campbell

Boosting a Discord server can have several benefits for both the server owner and the members. It is a way to show support for a community, gain access to exclusive features, and enhance the overall experience. However, it is important to understand what happens when you boost a Discord server and how it impacts various aspects of the server.

The Basics of Boosting

Boosting a Discord server involves using Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic to give the server additional perks. These perks include an increased server level, improved audio quality, custom emojis, enhanced video streaming, and more. When you boost a server, you essentially provide it with added visibility and recognition within the Discord community.

Server Leveling System

One of the primary benefits of boosting a Discord server is gaining access to an enhanced leveling system. Every time someone boosts a server, it receives certain perks based on its level. These perks can include extra emoji slots, increased file upload limit, vanity URLs, and even early access to new features.

Furthermore, boosting increases the overall level of the server. The higher the level of your boosted server, the more perks you unlock for everyone in it. This encourages more members to join your community and incentivizes existing ones to continue supporting it.

Improved Audio Quality

Boosting a Discord server also improves audio quality during voice chats. When a server gets enough boosts, it unlocks higher quality audio options for all members. This means that everyone in the voice chat will experience clearer and crisper sound during conversations.

Customization Options

Boosted servers enjoy additional customization options that enhance their visual appeal. For example, boosted servers can use animated server icons that add life to their profile picture. Additionally, they can choose from a wider range of custom emojis, making conversations more expressive and engaging.

The Impact on the Server Owner

Boosting a Discord server not only benefits the server itself but also rewards the owner with various perks and recognition. When a server receives boosts, the owner is granted a special badge that showcases their support for the Discord community.

Furthermore, boosting a server helps the owner gain credibility and attract new members. Boosted servers are more likely to appear in the “Discover” section of Discord, making it easier for people to find and join them. This increased visibility can lead to greater community growth and engagement.


In summary, boosting a Discord server offers several benefits for both the server owner and its members. It unlocks exclusive features, improves audio quality during voice chats, enhances customization options, and increases visibility within the Discord community.

If you want to support your favorite server or create an even better experience for your own community, consider boosting a Discord server. Not only will you gain access to unique perks, but you’ll also contribute to its growth and success.

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