What Happens if a Discord Server Owner Gets Deleted?


Scott Campbell

What Happens if a Discord Server Owner Gets Deleted?

Discord is a popular platform for creating and managing online communities. Each community on Discord is represented by a server, and every server has an owner who has the highest level of control and authority over the server.

However, what happens if a Discord server owner gets deleted or their account gets banned? Let’s explore this scenario in detail.

Understanding the Role of a Server Owner

Before diving into the consequences of a server owner getting deleted, let’s understand the role they play within a Discord server. As the server owner, they have the power to:

  • Create and manage channels
  • Invite and ban members
  • Assign roles and permissions
  • Manage server settings
  • Transfer ownership to another member

The Consequences of Losing the Server Owner

If a server owner gets deleted or banned from Discord, it can have several repercussions for the affected community. These include:

  • Lack of Administrative Control: Without an active server owner, there will be no one with full administrative control over the server. This means that nobody will be able to create new channels, invite or ban members, or manage roles and permissions.
  • Inability to Transfer Ownership: In normal circumstances, a server owner can transfer ownership to another trusted member.

    However, if the owner gets deleted or banned, this option becomes unavailable.

  • Potential Disarray: Without an active owner to manage and moderate the server, it may become chaotic. Members might engage in inappropriate behavior without consequences, and the server’s overall organization may suffer.

Steps to Recover from Losing the Server Owner

If a Discord server loses its owner, there are a few steps that can be taken to recover:

  1. Appeal to Discord Support: If the server owner was banned, it is possible to appeal the ban with Discord’s support team. Provide them with all relevant details and evidence to support your case.
  2. Create a New Server: In extreme cases where the original server cannot be recovered, creating a new server might be necessary.

    This option allows you to start fresh and rebuild your community.

  3. Promote a Trusted Member: If there is a member within the server who is trusted by the community, they can be promoted to take over as the new server owner. Ensure that this member is responsible and capable of managing the server effectively.


In summary, losing a Discord server owner can have significant consequences for the affected community. It results in a lack of administrative control, an inability to transfer ownership, and potential chaos within the server. However, by appealing to Discord support or taking alternative measures such as creating a new server or promoting a trusted member, it is possible to recover from this situation and rebuild the community.

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