What Does the Server Stats Discord Bot Do?


Larry Thompson

The Server Stats Discord Bot is a powerful tool that provides valuable information about your Discord server’s activities and members. With its wide range of features and customizable options, this bot is a must-have for server owners and administrators looking to gain insights into their community.

Track Server Statistics

One of the primary functions of the Server Stats Discord Bot is to track and display server statistics. This includes information such as the number of members, online members, offline members, bots, channels, roles, and more. By using simple commands, you can quickly access these statistics to get an overview of your server’s activity.


To see the current member count on your server, you can use the command !membercount. This will display the total number of members along with online and offline counts.

Customizable Leaderboards

The bot also offers customizable leaderboards that allow you to keep track of various activities within your server. Whether it’s showcasing the top active members or ranking users based on their message count or XP points in games, these leaderboards provide a fun way to engage and motivate your community.


To set up a leaderboard for message count, you can use the command !setleaderboard messages. This will create a leaderboard that ranks users based on the number of messages they have sent in the server.

Automatic Role Assignment

The Server Stats Discord Bot simplifies role management by offering automatic role assignment based on specific criteria. You can set up rules that assign roles to users when they reach certain milestones or achievements. This feature saves time and effort by automating repetitive tasks associated with role management.


Let’s say you want to assign a “Verified Member” role to users who have been on the server for at least a week. You can use the command !autorole add Verified Member 7d. This will automatically assign the role to users who meet the specified criteria.

Interactive Charts and Graphs

The bot provides interactive charts and graphs that visually represent various server statistics. These visual representations make it easier to analyze trends and patterns, helping you make informed decisions about your server management strategy.


To view a graph of member activity over time, you can use the command !chart membercount. This will generate a graphical representation of member count changes over a specific period.


The Server Stats Discord Bot is an essential tool for any server owner or administrator looking to gain valuable insights into their Discord community. With its tracking capabilities, customizable leaderboards, automatic role assignment, and interactive charts, this bot provides comprehensive statistics and visualizations that can help you better understand and manage your server.

By using this bot effectively, you can engage your community, motivate members, and make data-driven decisions that contribute to the growth and success of your Discord server.

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