What Does Boosting a Discord Server Do?


Angela Bailey

Boosting a Discord server is a powerful feature that provides several benefits to server owners and members. In this article, we will explore what exactly boosting a Discord server entails and why it is worth considering.

What is Boosting?

Boosting a Discord server essentially means enhancing its features and capabilities by contributing to its level of Server Boosts. Server Boosts are a premium feature introduced by Discord to provide additional perks and advantages to both server owners and members who contribute to the boost level.

How does Boosting Work?

To boost a Discord server, users need to have the necessary permissions granted by the server owner. Once granted, they can use their Nitro subscription or purchase individual Boosts using Nitro or Nitro Classic. Each boost adds one level to the server’s boost count.

The number of boosts determines the number of perks that both the server owner and members can unlock. As the boost level increases, so do the benefits associated with it.

Benefits for Server Owners:

Boosting a Discord server offers numerous advantages for server owners:

  • Improved Audio Quality: Higher boost levels improve audio quality, making voice communication clearer and more enjoyable.
  • Custom Splash Screen: At Level 1 boost, servers can set a custom splash screen background that appears when someone joins.
  • Vanity URL: At Level 3 boost, servers can create their own personalized invite link with a custom URL.
  • Banner Image: At Level 5 boost, servers can add an eye-catching banner image at the top of their channel list.
  • Server Insights: At Level 10 boost, servers gain access to valuable analytics and statistics about their server’s activity.

Benefits for Members:

Boosting a Discord server also provides benefits for members:

  • Animated Server Icon: At Level 1 boost, members can enjoy a cool animated icon for the boosted server.
  • Custom Server Invite Background: At Level 2 boost, members gain the ability to customize the background image of their invites for that server.
  • Higher Audio Quality: Boosting enhances audio quality for all members in voice channels.
  • Vanity URL Access: At Level 3 boost, members can use vanity URLs to join the boosted server.

Encouraging Community Engagement:

The act of boosting a Discord server not only provides benefits but also fosters a sense of community and support. When members contribute to boosting, they demonstrate their commitment and dedication to the server. This, in turn, encourages others to participate and work together towards shared goals.

The Power of Boosting:

In summary, boosting a Discord server offers significant advantages for both server owners and members. It unlocks various features such as improved audio quality, customization options, analytics insights, and more. Moreover, it helps build an engaged and supportive community within the server.

If you are a Discord user who loves being part of vibrant communities or a server owner looking to enhance your community’s experience, consider boosting your Discord server today!

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