What Do You Do in a Discord RAID Server?


Scott Campbell

Discord RAID servers are online communities where participants collaborate to organize and execute a coordinated attack on a specific Discord server. These raids can range from harmless fun to malicious and disruptive activities. In this article, we will explore what happens in a Discord RAID server and the various elements involved in these raids.

What is a Discord RAID Server?

A Discord RAID server is a dedicated community of individuals who come together with the intention of overwhelming and disrupting another Discord server. These servers are often created with specific Targets in mind, such as gaming communities, social groups, or even political servers. Participants in these raid servers collaborate to plan and execute attacks on the Target server.

Organization and Coordination

Planning: In a Discord RAID server, participants engage in planning sessions to discuss Targets, strategies, and timing for their attacks. These discussions often take place within text channels where members can share ideas and coordinate their efforts.

Roles: Within a raid server, different roles may be assigned to members based on their expertise or experience. These roles can include leaders who oversee the operations, strategists who develop attack plans, recruiters who invite new members to join the raid, and technical experts who provide guidance on tools and techniques.

The Raid Process

Gathering Members: Once the plan is finalized, members of the raid server are called upon to participate in the attack. This can involve sending out notifications through @mentions or pinging specific roles within the community.

Synchronization: To ensure that everyone is ready for the raid at the same time, members synchronize their actions by following instructions given by leaders or automated bots within the server.

Tools and Techniques: Raid participants may use various tools and techniques to disrupt the Target server. This can include spamming chat channels with excessive messages, flooding voice channels with noise, or using bots to send automated messages or perform repetitive actions.

Consequences of Discord RAID Servers

Raiding can have serious consequences for both the Targeted server and the raid participants themselves. Discord takes such activities seriously and may take action against accounts involved in raiding, including issuing warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans.

Legal Implications: Engaging in malicious activities within a Discord RAID server can potentially have legal consequences depending on local laws. It is important to understand and abide by the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction.


In summary, a Discord RAID server is a community where individuals collaborate to organize raids on specific Discord servers. While these raids may vary in nature from harmless pranks to malicious disruptions, it is essential to understand the potential consequences and legal implications associated with such activities. If you choose to participate in a raid server, be aware of the risks involved and always engage responsibly.

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