What Do You Do in a Discord RAID Server?


Larry Thompson

In a Discord RAID server, participants come together to engage in coordinated activities that aim to disrupt or overwhelm a Target Discord server. These activities are usually carried out by a large number of users simultaneously, with the intention of causing chaos and disrupting the normal functioning of the Target server.

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform designed for creating communities and connecting like-minded individuals. It offers voice, video, and text communication channels, allowing users to interact with each other in real-time.

Understanding RAID Servers

A Discord RAID server is not officially supported or endorsed by Discord itself. It is a separate community-driven concept where participants gather to organize raids on specific Target servers. These raids involve flooding the Target server with messages, spamming channels, and overwhelming it with bots or fake accounts.

The Purpose of Raid Servers

Raid servers are often created for various reasons:

  • Trolling: Some participants may engage in raiding for the sake of trolling or causing mayhem on particular servers.
  • Protesting: Others may organize raids as a form of protest against certain policies or actions taken by the Target server’s administrators.
  • Social Experimentation: Some individuals may join raid servers out of curiosity or for social experimentation purposes.

The Mechanics of Raiding

Raiding typically involves several steps:

  1. Gathering Participants: The organizers create an invite link and share it within their community or specific platforms where like-minded individuals gather.
  2. Selecting Targets: The group collectively decides on the Target server they wish to raid. This can be based on various factors like personal vendettas, ideological differences, or simply for the sake of causing chaos.
  3. Coordinating the Raid: The raid server participants plan and coordinate their actions, ensuring they are synchronized to maximize their impact.
  4. Executing the Raid: Once the plan is set, participants flood the Target server with messages, spam channels, and may even use bots or scripts to automate their actions.

The Controversy Surrounding RAID Servers

Raid servers have generated significant controversy within the Discord community and beyond. Discord has strict guidelines against raiding and harassment, and participating in such activities can lead to severe consequences, including account bans.

Note: Raiding is considered a violation of Discord’s Terms of Service (ToS) and Community Guidelines. Engaging in these activities can result in permanent account suspension.

The Ethical Dimension

Raiding raises ethical questions regarding the impact it has on Targeted individuals or communities. It often causes inconvenience, disruption, and distress for those affected by it. Additionally, it can damage online communities and compromise their ability to function effectively.

Legal Implications

In some cases, raiding may cross legal boundaries. Laws regarding cyberbullying, harassment, and unauthorized access vary by jurisdiction. Participating in raids that involve activities deemed illegal can lead to serious legal consequences.


In a Discord RAID server, participants engage in coordinated efforts to disrupt or overwhelm Target servers through flooding messages and spamming channels. While raid servers exist for various reasons like trolling or protesting, they are controversial due to ethical concerns and legal implications.

It is important to understand that engaging in raiding activities can result in severe consequences, including permanent account suspension. It is essential to consider the impact of our actions on others and make responsible choices when participating in online communities.

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