What Data Type Is Returned by Lowercase Pipe in Angular?


Larry Thompson

In Angular, the lowercase pipe is a useful tool for transforming text to lowercase. When applied to a string, it returns the transformed value in a specific data type.

Let’s dive into what data type is returned by the lowercase pipe and how it can be utilized in your Angular applications.

Understanding the Lowercase Pipe

The lowercase pipe is part of Angular’s built-in collection of pipes. Pipes are used to transform and format data before displaying it in the template.

The lowercase pipe specifically converts all characters in a string to lowercase.

Data Type Returned by Lowercase Pipe

When you apply the lowercase pipe to a string, the returned value is of type string. This means that regardless of the input’s original data type, such as number or boolean, the output will always be a string.

Example Usage:

Consider the following code snippet:

<p>{{ "Hello World" | lowercase }}</p>

The result of this expression will be:

<p>hello world</p>

Benefits of Using Lowercase Pipe

The lowercase pipe can be beneficial in various scenarios within an Angular application. Here are some advantages:

  • Consistent Formatting: By using the lowercase pipe, you can ensure that all text is presented consistently in lower case.
  • Data Transformation: The lowercase pipe enables you to transform any string-based data into its lower case equivalent.
  • User Input Handling: When dealing with user input, it’s common to use the lowercase pipe to normalize and standardize the data.


The lowercase pipe in Angular is a powerful tool for transforming text to lowercase. It returns the transformed value as a string data type, regardless of the input’s original data type.

This pipe provides consistent formatting, enables data transformation, and simplifies handling user input. Incorporate the lowercase pipe into your Angular applications to enhance text display and improve user experience.

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