What Data Type Is Phone Number?


Scott Campbell

What Data Type Is Phone Number?

When it comes to storing phone numbers in a database or handling them in programming languages, it is important to understand the appropriate data type to use. In this article, we will explore the various options and considerations for representing phone numbers as data.

String Data Type

The most common approach for storing phone numbers is to use the string data type. This allows us to store a sequence of characters, including numbers, special characters like dashes or parentheses, and even spaces. By using a string data type, we can accurately represent any phone number format that may be encountered.

For example:

  • +1 (555) 123-4567
  • 555-123-4567
  • (555)123-4567

However, there are some important considerations when working with phone numbers as strings. It is crucial to implement proper validation and formatting logic to ensure consistency and accuracy of the data. For instance, you might want to remove any non-digit characters when storing the phone number in the database or before performing any operations on it.

Numeric Data Type

In some cases, phone numbers might be represented using a numeric data type. However, this approach has limitations as it can only handle numeric values without any special characters or formatting. It may not be suitable for scenarios where you need to store international phone numbers or handle variations in formatting.

In addition, using a numeric data type can lead to potential issues with leading zeros being truncated or losing important information about country codes and area codes.

Custom Data Types

Another option is to use custom data types specifically designed for phone numbers. These data types provide built-in validation and formatting capabilities, making it easier to work with phone numbers.

For example, some programming languages offer libraries or modules that provide custom phone number data types. These data types can handle validation, formatting, and even parsing of phone numbers in various formats.

By using a custom data type, you can ensure that phone numbers are stored consistently and accurately without the need for additional validation or formatting logic.


In conclusion, the most suitable data type for storing phone numbers is usually a string. It provides the flexibility to store phone numbers in any format while allowing for easy manipulation and retrieval of the data. However, it is important to implement proper validation and formatting logic to ensure consistency and accuracy.

If your programming language or database system offers custom data types specifically designed for phone numbers, it may be worth considering them as they can simplify the handling of phone number data.

Remember, regardless of the chosen data type, always validate user input and consider internationalization when working with phone numbers in your applications.

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