What Data Type Is Number in SQL?


Angela Bailey

What Data Type Is Number in SQL?

In SQL, the number data type is used to store numeric values. It is a versatile data type that allows the storage of both integer and decimal numbers. The number data type is commonly used for calculations, mathematical operations, and storing numerical information in databases.

Integer Numbers

An integer number is a whole number without any decimal places. It can be positive or negative. In SQL, the number data type can be defined with a specific length and precision to accommodate different ranges of integer values.

To define an integer number in SQL, you can use the INTEGER, INT, or SMALLINT data types. Here’s an example:

    EmployeeID INTEGER,
    FirstName VARCHAR(50),
    LastName VARCHAR(50)

Decimal Numbers

A decimal number, also known as a floating-point number, can have decimal places. It is used to represent numbers with fractional parts or values that require more precision than integers.

In SQL, the number data type for decimal numbers can be specified using the DECIMAL, NUMERIC, or FLOAT data types. The precision and scale can be defined to indicate the total number of digits and the number of digits after the decimal point.

Here’s an example of creating a table with a column using the DECIMAL data type:

    ProductID INTEGER,
    Name VARCHAR(50),
    Price DECIMAL(10, 2)

Numeric Operations with Number Data Type

The number data type in SQL allows for various mathematical operations and calculations. You can perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on numeric values stored in number columns.

Here’s an example of performing a calculation using SQL:

SELECT (Price * Quantity) AS TotalPrice
FROM OrderDetails;


In SQL, the number data type is used to store numeric values, including integers and decimal numbers. It provides flexibility in representing numerical information and supports various mathematical operations. By understanding the number data type, you can effectively work with numeric values in your SQL databases.

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