What Data Type Is Email Address in SQL?


Heather Bennett

In SQL, the data type for storing email addresses is VARCHAR. The VARCHAR data type is used to store variable-length character strings.


When it comes to storing email addresses in a database, the VARCHAR data type is the most commonly used choice. The reason behind this is that email addresses can vary in length, and using a fixed-length data type like CHAR would waste storage space.


  • VARCHAR: The VARCHAR data type allows you to store a varying number of characters up to a maximum length specified when creating the table column. It only uses as much storage space as needed by the actual data.
  • CHAR: The CHAR data type, on the other hand, stores fixed-length strings. If you define a column as CHAR(50), for example, it will always use 50 characters of storage space, regardless of how many characters are actually stored in that column.

Defining Email Address Column

To store email addresses in an SQL table, you would typically define a column with the VARCHAR data type and specify an appropriate maximum length. For example:

    name VARCHAR(50),
    email VARCHAR(100)

In this example, we have defined an “email” column with a maximum length of 100 characters.

Email Validation

While SQL does not provide built-in functionality for validating email addresses directly within the database itself, it is important to ensure that only valid email addresses are stored. You can achieve this by implementing validation checks either at the application level or using constraints or triggers within your database schema.

Implementing email validation ensures that the data stored in the email address column follows a specific format and reduces the risk of storing incorrect or invalid data.


In SQL, the most appropriate data type for storing email addresses is VARCHAR. It allows for variable-length storage, which is essential for accommodating the varying lengths of email addresses. Remember to implement proper validation checks to ensure that only valid email addresses are stored in your database.

Using the VARCHAR data type for email addresses provides flexibility, efficient storage usage, and allows for easy handling of this crucial piece of information within your SQL database.

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