What Data Type Is a Date in VBA?


Larry Thompson

In Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), dates are handled as a specific data type called Date. The Date data type is used to store and manipulate dates and times in VBA.

Working with Dates in VBA

In VBA, dates are represented as numeric values. The integer part of the number represents the date, while the decimal part represents the time.

VBA provides several functions to work with dates. Here are some commonly used functions:

  • Date: Returns the current date.
  • Time: Returns the current time.
  • Now: Returns the current date and time.
  • DateSerial: Creates a date based on year, month, and day values.
  • TimeSerial: Creates a time based on hour, minute, and second values.
  • CDate: Converts a value to a Date data type.

Declaring Variables of Date Data Type

To declare a variable of Date data type in VBA, use the following syntax:

Dim variableName As Date

You can also assign a specific date value to a Date variable like this:

Dim currentDate As Date
currentDate = #12/31/2021# ' Assigns December 31, 2021 to currentDate

Formatting Dates in VBA

VBA provides formatting options to display dates in different formats. The most commonly used formatting function is the Format function.

The syntax for the Format function is:

Format(expression, format)

For example, to display the current date in the format “MM/DD/YYYY”, you can use:

Dim currentDate As Date
currentDate = Date
MsgBox Format(currentDate, "MM/DD/YYYY")

Manipulating Dates in VBA

VBA allows you to perform various operations on dates. Here are some commonly used date manipulation functions:

  • DateAdd: Adds a specified time interval to a date.
  • DateDiff: Calculates the difference between two dates.
  • DatePart: Returns a specified part of a date.
  • Month: Returns the month component of a date.
  • Year: Returns the year component of a date.

These functions can be useful when you need to perform calculations or comparisons based on dates in your VBA code.


In VBA, the Date data type is used to store and manipulate dates and times. Understanding how to work with dates in VBA is essential for developing applications that involve date-related operations. By using the appropriate functions and formatting options, you can effectively handle dates in your VBA projects.

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