What Channels Should I Put in My Discord Server?


Larry Thompson

Discord has become a popular platform for communication and collaboration among various communities. Whether you are creating a server for gaming, education, or simply for fun, it is important to carefully consider the channels you include.

Channels play a crucial role in organizing discussions and making it easier for members to find relevant information. In this article, we will explore different types of channels that you can put in your Discord server.

Main Channels

The main channels are the foundation of your server and should cover broad topics or themes. These channels serve as general discussion areas where members can interact with each other. Here are some examples of main channels:

  • #general: This channel is perfect for casual conversations and getting to know other members.
  • #announcements: Use this channel to make important announcements and keep everyone informed about server updates.
  • #introductions: Encourage new members to introduce themselves in this channel to foster a sense of community.
  • #suggestions: Allow members to share their ideas and suggestions for improving the server.

Topic-Specific Channels

If your Discord server focuses on specific topics or interests, it is beneficial to create dedicated channels for those discussions. This helps keep conversations organized and ensures that members can easily find information related to their interests. Some examples of topic-specific channels include:

  • #gaming-discussion: For gamers, this channel provides a space to discuss game strategies, share gaming experiences, and find fellow players.
  • #music-recommendations: Music enthusiasts can use this channel to share their favorite songs, albums, and artists with others.
  • #coding-help: A channel dedicated to coding and programming where members can seek assistance, share resources, and discuss programming concepts.
  • #book-club: If your server has a book club, create a channel specifically for discussing books, sharing recommendations, and organizing reading events.

Media Channels

Media channels are perfect for sharing various forms of media content such as images, videos, and memes. These channels provide a platform for members to express their creativity and share interesting content. Here are some media channels you can consider:

  • #artwork: Artists can showcase their artwork, receive feedback, and engage in discussions related to different art forms.
  • #memes: A channel dedicated to humorous content like memes can bring laughter and entertainment to your server.
  • #photography: This channel gives photography enthusiasts a space to share their captured moments, discuss techniques, and appreciate each other’s work.
  • #videos: Members can share interesting videos they come across on the internet or even showcase their own video creations in this channel.

Private Channels

In addition to the public channels mentioned above, you may want to create private channels for specific groups or purposes. Private channels are accessible only to selected members or roles within the server.

They offer a more exclusive space for certain discussions or collaborations. Some examples of private channels include:

  • #moderators-only: This channel is limited to server moderators and provides a platform for discussing moderation-related matters.
  • #team-meeting: If you have a team working on a project within the server, a private channel can be used for planning, updates, and coordination.
  • #vip-lounge: A private channel exclusively for members who have achieved a certain level of engagement or contribution to the server.


Choosing the right channels for your Discord server is crucial in ensuring smooth communication and effective organization. By creating main channels, topic-specific channels, media channels, and private channels, you can cater to different interests and provide an engaging experience for members. Remember to regularly review and adapt your channel structure based on the evolving needs of your community.

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