What Attribute of Script Tag Is Used to Set Scripting Language?


Larry Thompson

The script tag in HTML is a powerful element that allows us to incorporate scripts into our web pages. These scripts can add interactivity and dynamic functionality to our websites. However, before we can start writing scripts, we need to specify the scripting language we’ll be using.

To set the scripting language for a script tag, we use the type attribute. This attribute tells the browser which scripting language to expect within the script tag. Let’s take a closer look at how this attribute works.

The syntax for setting the scripting language with the type attribute is as follows:



In this example, we are setting the scripting language to JavaScript using the value “text/javascript”. JavaScript is one of the most widely used and supported scripting languages for web development.

However, it’s important to note that in HTML5, specifying the type attribute is optional if you’re using JavaScript. By default, if you omit the type attribute, it will be assumed that you are using JavaScript.

If you want to use a different scripting language, such as VBScript or TypeScript, you need to explicitly specify it in the type attribute. Here are a few examples:



As you can see, by changing the value of the type attribute, we can switch between different scripting languages within our HTML documents.

It’s worth mentioning that while specifying the type attribute is not mandatory for JavaScript in HTML5, it’s still considered good practice to include it. This helps ensure compatibility across different browsers and versions of HTML.

In summary, the type attribute of the script tag is used to set the scripting language. By default, if you’re using JavaScript, you don’t need to specify the attribute. However, if you want to use a different scripting language or ensure maximum compatibility, it’s recommended to include the type attribute with the appropriate value.

Now that you understand how to set the scripting language using the type attribute of the script tag, you can start writing scripts and adding dynamic functionality to your web pages. Happy coding!

  • The type attribute: Specifies the scripting language.
  • Syntax:
    • <script type="text/javascript">
    • // JavaScript code goes here
    • </script>
  • Note: In HTML5, specifying the type attribute is optional for JavaScript.
    • If omitted, JavaScript is assumed.
  • Different scripting languages:
    • VBSript: <script type=”text/vbscript”>
      • ‘ VBScript code goes here

    • TypeScript: <script type=”text/typescript”>
      • // TypeScript code goes here

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