What Are the Representation of Graph in Data Structure?


Scott Campbell

Representation of Graph in Data Structure

Graphs are an essential data structure used to represent relationships between objects. They consist of vertices (also known as nodes) and edges that connect these vertices.

The representation of a graph is crucial for efficient storage and retrieval of information. In this article, we will explore different ways to represent graphs in data structures.

Adjacency Matrix

An adjacency matrix is the most common representation of a graph. It uses a 2-dimensional array to store the connections between vertices. In this matrix, each row and column represents a vertex, and the value at the intersection of row i and column j denotes whether there is an edge between vertex i and vertex j.

The adjacency matrix can be represented as follows:

|   v1   |   v2   |   v3   |   v4
 v1 |   0   |   1   |   
 v2 |   &nb