What Are the Examples of Static Data Structure?


Scott Campbell

Static data structures are important components in computer programming that allow for efficient storage and retrieval of data. They are called “static” because their size and structure are determined at compile time and do not change during runtime. In this article, we will explore some common examples of static data structures and their applications.


An array is one of the simplest and most widely used static data structures. It is a collection of elements of the same type, stored in contiguous memory locations. Arrays have a fixed size that is determined when they are declared, making them highly efficient for accessing elements by their index.


        int numbers[5] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5};


A structure is a composite data type that allows you to group together variables of different types under a single name. It provides a way to represent a complex entity by combining simpler types into a single unit. Structures are useful for organizing related data and can be used to create more complex static data structures.


        struct Person {
            char name[50];
            int age;
            float height;
        struct Person john = {"John", 25, 1.75};


An enumeration (enum) is a user-defined data type that consists of named constants. Enums provide a way to define sets of related values with more descriptive names than plain integers. They are commonly used to represent a set of mutually exclusive options or states.


        enum Days {
        enum Days today = Tuesday;


Constants are static data structures that hold fixed values that cannot be modified during program execution. They are often used to define meaningful names for values that are used repeatedly in a program, making the code more readable and maintainable.


        const float PI = 3.14159;


Static data structures play a crucial role in computer programming by providing efficient ways to store and organize data. Arrays, structures, enums, and constants are just a few examples of static data structures. Understanding these concepts and their applications is essential for building efficient and maintainable programs.

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