What Are the Basics of VB Scripting?


Scott Campbell

VB Scripting, also known as Visual Basic Scripting, is a powerful scripting language that is primarily used for automating tasks and enhancing functionality in Windows-based applications. It is a subset of the Visual Basic programming language and shares many similarities with it. In this article, we will explore the basics of VB Scripting and how you can get started with it.

What is VB Scripting?

VB Scripting is a lightweight scripting language that allows you to create scripts to automate repetitive tasks, interact with the operating system, manipulate files and folders, and much more. It is widely used for administrative tasks, system management, and software automation on Windows-based systems.

Getting Started

To start scripting in VBScript, you need a text editor such as Notepad or any integrated development environment (IDE) that supports VBScript. Simply open your preferred text editor and create a new file with a “.vbs” extension. This extension indicates that the file contains VBScript code.

Once you have created the file, you can start writing your script by declaring variables, defining functions, and performing various operations using VBScript syntax.


The syntax of VBScript is similar to other BASIC dialects such as Visual Basic. It uses keywords, operators, and expressions to define the logic of your script. Let’s take a look at some basic syntax elements:

  • Variables: Variables in VBScript are declared using the “Dim” keyword followed by the variable name.
  • Data Types: The basic data types supported by VBScript include String, Integer, Double, Date, Boolean, and more.
  • Comments: You can add comments to your script using the “‘ symbol. Comments are ignored by the interpreter and are used to document your code.
  • Conditional Statements: VBScript supports conditional statements such as If..Then.Else and Select Case to make decisions based on certain conditions.
  • Loops: You can use loops like For.Next, Do While.Loop, and Do Until.Loop to repeat a block of code multiple times.
  • Functions: VBScript provides built-in functions like InStr, LCase, and CDate. You can also define your own functions using the “Function” keyword.
  • Error Handling: You can handle errors in your script using the “On Error” statement, which allows you to gracefully handle exceptions that may occur during script execution.

Hello World Example

To illustrate the basics of VBScript, let’s start with a simple “Hello World” example:

' Create a variable to store the message
Dim message

' Assign a value to the variable
message = "Hello, World!"

' Display the message
MsgBox message

In this example, we declare a variable called “message” without specifying its data type. We assign the string value “Hello, World!” to this variable and display it using the MsgBox function.

The Power of VBScript

VBScript can be a powerful tool for automating tasks and extending the functionality of Windows-based applications. With its simple syntax and extensive library of built-in functions, you can perform a wide range of operations, from manipulating files and folders to interacting with databases and controlling other applications.

By mastering the basics of VBScript, you will be able to create efficient and effective scripts that can save you time and effort in your daily tasks.


In this article, we explored the basics of VBScripting. We learned what VBScript is, how to get started with it, its syntax, and some key elements such as variables, data types, conditional statements, loops, functions, and error handling. We also saw a simple “Hello World” example to demonstrate how VBScript works.

Now that you have a solid foundation in VBScripting, you can further explore its capabilities and dive deeper into more advanced topics. So go ahead and start scripting with VBScript to automate your tasks and unleash the power of automation!

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