What Are the Advanced Scripting Capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud?


Scott Campbell

In SAP Analytics Cloud, advanced scripting capabilities enable users to enhance their data analysis and visualization processes by providing more control and flexibility. These scripting capabilities allow users to automate tasks, customize calculations, and create complex data models.

Scripting Language

SAP Analytics Cloud uses a powerful scripting language called SAP Analytics Cloud Script (ACS) that provides a wide range of functions and operators to manipulate data. ACS is a server-side scripting language, meaning it runs on the SAP Analytics Cloud server rather than in the user’s browser.

Automating Tasks

One of the key benefits of advanced scripting capabilities is the ability to automate repetitive tasks. For example, users can use ACS to create scripts that automatically refresh data sources at scheduled intervals or trigger certain actions based on specific conditions. This automation not only saves time but also ensures that data is always up-to-date.

Custom Calculations

The advanced scripting capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud allow users to define custom calculations using ACS functions and operators. This enables users to perform complex calculations that go beyond the standard aggregation and mathematical operations provided by the application. By leveraging ACS, users can easily create calculations based on their unique business requirements.

Data Modeling

SAP Analytics Cloud Script also provides advanced data modeling capabilities. Users can create virtual tables using ACS, which act as temporary tables that can be used for further analysis or visualization purposes. These virtual tables can be created by defining custom queries or applying filters to existing datasets.

Script Editor

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a built-in script editor that allows users to write and execute ACS scripts directly within the application. The script editor provides syntax highlighting, code suggestions, and error checking features to help users write error-free scripts efficiently.

Integration with Other Tools

Another advantage of advanced scripting capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud is its integration with other tools and services. Users can leverage ACS to interact with external systems, databases, or APIs, enabling them to fetch data from external sources or automate processes that involve multiple systems.


The advanced scripting capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud provide users with a powerful toolset to enhance their data analysis and visualization workflows. With ACS, users can automate tasks, create custom calculations, build complex data models, and integrate with other tools seamlessly. By leveraging these capabilities, users can unlock the full potential of SAP Analytics Cloud and gain deeper insights from their data.

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