What Are Positional Parameters in VB Scripting?


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What Are Positional Parameters in VB Scripting?

When working with VB Scripting, you may come across the term “positional parameters.” These parameters play a crucial role in passing values to a script or function. In this tutorial, we will explore what positional parameters are and how they can be used effectively in VB Scripting.

Understanding Parameters

Before diving into positional parameters, let’s first understand what parameters are in the context of scripting.

In simple terms, parameters are placeholders that allow us to pass values to a script or function. They act as a bridge between the calling code and the code being called. By passing different values to these parameters, we can customize the behavior of our script or function.

What Are Positional Parameters?

Positional parameters refer to the way we pass values to a script or function based on their positions. Each parameter has a specific position or index associated with it. When calling a script or function, we provide values that correspond to these positions, and VB Scripting automatically assigns these values to their respective parameters based on their positions.

To better understand this concept, let’s consider an example:

Function AddNumbers(num1, num2)
Dim result
result = num1 + num2
AddNumbers = result
End Function

total = AddNumbers(5, 10)

In the above example, we have defined a function named AddNumbers that takes two positional parameters: num1 and num2. When calling this function using AddNumbers(5, 10), the value 5 is assigned to num1, and 10 is assigned to num2. Inside the function, these values are added, and the result is returned.

Benefits of Using Positional Parameters

Positional parameters offer several benefits:

  • Simplicity: Using positional parameters simplifies the process of passing values to a script or function. It eliminates the need for explicitly specifying parameter names while calling.
  • Flexibility: Positional parameters allow us to change the order of values passed without modifying the calling code. This flexibility can be useful when dealing with multiple parameters.
  • Reusability: By defining scripts or functions with positional parameters, we can reuse them in different contexts by providing appropriate values at runtime.


In conclusion, positional parameters are essential in VB Scripting as they enable us to pass values based on their positions. They simplify the process of passing data and provide flexibility and reusability to our scripts and functions.

So next time you work with VB Scripting, remember to leverage positional parameters for a more efficient coding experience!

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