Is Web Server One Word or Two?


Angela Bailey

Is Web Server One Word or Two?

When it comes to the term “web server,” you might have come across different variations. Some people refer to it as “webserver,” while others write it as “web server.”

So, which one is correct? Let’s dive into the details and find out!

The Correct Usage

According to most style guides and dictionaries, the correct way to write this term is “web server.” It is considered a compound noun, where “web” functions as an adjective describing the noun “server.” In English grammar, compound nouns are usually written as two separate words when they are used as a modifier before a noun.

Why It Matters

The usage of proper grammar and spelling is essential in any form of communication, including web development. Consistency not only enhances readability but also helps maintain uniformity across different platforms and publications.

If you use the term “web server” consistently throughout your content, it becomes easier for readers to understand your message without any confusion or ambiguity. Moreover, using the correct terminology enhances your credibility as a professional web developer or writer.


It’s worth noting that some people may use the term “webserver” as a single word due to common usage or personal preference. While this variation might be widely seen, it does not follow standard English grammar rules. It’s always better to stick with the accepted conventions for consistency and clarity.


Here are some examples that demonstrate the correct usage of “web server” in sentences:

  • Correct: I need to configure my web server for optimal performance.
  • Correct: The web server crashed due to high traffic.
  • Incorrect: I am experiencing issues with my webserver setup.

In Conclusion

To summarize, the correct way to write the term is “web server.” While some people may use the variation “webserver,” it does not follow standard English grammar rules. By using the correct terminology consistently, you can ensure clarity and professionalism in your web development projects and written content.

Remember, attention to detail in grammar and spelling can make a significant difference in how your message is perceived. So, let’s stick with “web server” for clear and effective communication!

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