Is Vertx Is a Web Server?


Scott Campbell

Is Vertx a Web Server?


In the world of web development, there are various technologies and frameworks available to build powerful web applications. One such tool is Vertx, which has gained popularity for its ability to handle high concurrency with low resource consumption.

But is Vertx a web server? Let’s find out!

What is Vertx?

Vert.x is an open-source, event-driven, and non-blocking toolkit that allows developers to build reactive applications on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It provides a set of APIs for building scalable and distributed applications using various programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Groovy, Kotlin, and Ruby.

Vert.x as a Web Server:

While Vert.x can be used to build web applications, it is important to note that Vert.x itself is not a web server. Instead, it provides the necessary tools and components to create high-performance web servers.

How Does Vertx Handle HTTP Requests?

In order to handle HTTP requests in Vert.x, you need to create an instance of HttpServer. This class provides methods to configure the server settings such as port number and request handlers.

// Create an instance of HttpServer
HttpServer server = vertx.createHttpServer();

// Configure the server settings
server.requestHandler(request -> {
    // Handle incoming HTTP requests
    // ..

Features of Vertx as a Web Server:

  • Non-blocking I/O: Vert.x uses an event-driven architecture that allows it to handle a large number of concurrent connections without blocking the execution thread. This makes it ideal for building highly scalable applications.
  • WebSocket Support: Vert.x provides built-in support for WebSocket, allowing real-time bidirectional communication between the client and the server.
  • Routing and Middleware: Vert.x offers a routing mechanism that allows developers to define routes and apply middleware functions for request processing.

    This enables better organization and separation of concerns in web applications.

  • Verticles: Vert.x introduces the concept of verticles, which are lightweight units of deployment. They can be used to handle different aspects of web application functionality, such as serving static files, handling REST API endpoints, or processing background tasks.


In conclusion, while Vert.x is not a web server itself, it provides the necessary tools and components to build high-performance web servers. With its non-blocking I/O model, WebSocket support, routing mechanism, and verticles concept, it offers a powerful platform for building scalable and reactive web applications.

If you’re looking to build fast and efficient web servers or develop reactive applications on the JVM, give Vert.x a try!

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