Is uWSGI a Web Server?


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Is uWSGI a Web Server?

When it comes to deploying web applications, there are various tools and technologies available. One of the popular choices among developers is uWSGI.

But what exactly is uWSGI? Is it a web server? Let’s dive into this topic and explore what uWSGI is all about.

Understanding uWSGI

uWSGI is not a web server in itself. It is an application server that can be used to serve web applications. In simple terms, it acts as a bridge between the web server and the web application.

So, how does it work? When a client makes a request to the web server, such as Nginx or Apache, the request is forwarded to uWSGI.

uWSGI then processes the request and communicates with the web application to generate a response. Once the response is generated, it is sent back to the web server, which in turn delivers it to the client.

Key Features of uWSGI

1. Performance:

uWSGI is designed for high-performance applications.

It can handle multiple requests simultaneously using various concurrency models like threading and multiprocessing. This allows for efficient utilization of system resources and ensures optimal performance.

2. Language Support:

One of the notable features of uWSGI is its support for multiple programming languages including Python, Ruby, Perl, and more. This means you can use uWSGI with your preferred language to deploy your web application.

Setting up uWSGI

To get started with uWSGI, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Install uWSGI on your server using the package manager or by building it from source.
  2. Create a configuration file for uWSGI, specifying the details of your web application and server settings.
  3. Configure your web server (e.g., Nginx) to forward requests to uWSGI.
  4. Start the uWSGI process and test your web application.

Note: The exact steps may vary depending on your operating system and web server setup. It is recommended to refer to the official documentation for detailed instructions.


In summary, uWSGI is not a web server itself but rather an application server that works alongside a web server to serve web applications. Its performance, language support, and flexibility make it a popular choice among developers. By understanding its role and setting it up correctly, you can effectively deploy and manage your web applications using uWSGI.

If you’re interested in deploying scalable and high-performance web applications, give uWSGI a try!

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