Is There String Data Type in MySQL?


Scott Campbell

MySQL is a popular relational database management system that is widely used for storing and managing data. When working with databases, it is common to deal with different types of data, such as numbers, dates, and text. One question that often arises is whether MySQL has a specific data type for handling strings.

String Data Type in MySQL

MySQL does indeed have a dedicated data type for storing and manipulating strings. This data type is called VARCHAR, which stands for variable-length character.


The VARCHAR data type in MySQL allows you to store alphanumeric characters, such as letters, numbers, and symbols. It is flexible because it can store variable-length strings. The maximum length of a VARCHAR column can be specified when creating the table structure.

Here’s an example of how to create a table with a VARCHAR column:

CREATE TABLE employees (
   name VARCHAR(50),
   email VARCHAR(100)

In this example, we are creating a table called “employees” with three columns: “id”, “name”, and “email”. The “name” column has a maximum length of 50 characters, while the “email” column has a maximum length of 100 characters.

Difference between CHAR and VARCHAR

Now you might wonder what the difference is between the CHAR and VARCHAR data types in MySQL. While both can be used to store strings, there are some key differences.


  • Fixed length: CHAR columns have a fixed length and will always occupy the specified number of characters, regardless of the actual content.
  • Padding: If the content of a CHAR column is shorter than its defined length, it will be padded with spaces at the end.
  • Faster for exact match queries: CHAR columns are faster for exact match queries, as the length is always the same.


  • Variable length: VARCHAR columns can store strings of variable length, consuming only the necessary space for the actual content.
  • No padding: Unlike CHAR, VARCHAR does not pad spaces at the end if the content is shorter than its defined length.
  • Slightly slower for exact match queries: VARCHAR columns might be slightly slower for exact match queries due to their variable length nature.

Choosing between CHAR and VARCHAR

When deciding whether to use CHAR or VARCHAR in your MySQL database, consider the nature of your data and how you will be querying it.

If you have fixed-length strings that are always going to be the same length, such as social security numbers or phone numbers, using CHAR might be more appropriate.

On the other hand, if you have variable-length strings that can vary significantly in length, such as names or addresses, using VARCHAR would be a better choice.


In MySQL, the VARCHAR data type is used to store and manipulate string data. It provides flexibility by allowing variable-length strings. Understanding the differences between CHAR and VARCHAR is crucial when deciding which one to use based on your specific requirements.

By utilizing the VARCHAR data type effectively in your MySQL database design, you can ensure efficient storage and retrieval of string data while optimizing performance.

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