Is There a Tree Data Structure in Python?


Heather Bennett

Python is a versatile programming language that offers a wide range of data structures to store and manipulate different types of information. While Python provides built-in data structures like lists, tuples, and dictionaries, it does not have a built-in tree data structure. However, with the help of libraries such as the ‘anytree’ library, you can easily implement tree-like structures in Python.

What is a Tree Data Structure

A tree is a hierarchical data structure that consists of nodes connected by edges. It is similar to a real-world tree with branches and leaves.

In computer science, trees are used to represent hierarchical relationships between objects or elements. Each node in a tree can have zero or more child nodes, except for the root node which has no parent.

Implementing Trees in Python

To implement trees in Python, we can use the ‘anytree’ library. This library provides an easy-to-use API for creating and manipulating tree structures.


  • To install the ‘anytree’ library, you can use pip:
pip install anytree

Creating Trees:

To create a tree using the ‘anytree’ library, we need to define nodes and their relationships using parent-child connections.

# Import the necessary modules
from anytree import Node

# Create nodes
root = Node("Root")
child1 = Node("Child 1", parent=root)
child2 = Node("Child 2", parent=root)
grandchild = Node("Grandchild", parent=child1)

Traversing Trees:

We can traverse trees using various algorithms such as depth-first search (DFS) or breadth-first search (BFS).

# Import the necessary modules
from anytree import RenderTree

# Traverse the tree in depth-first order
for pre, _, node in RenderTree(root):


While Python does not have a built-in tree data structure, you can easily implement trees using libraries like ‘anytree’. Trees are powerful data structures that can represent hierarchical relationships and are used in various applications such as file systems, organization charts, and decision trees.

By using the ‘anytree’ library, you can create and manipulate trees efficiently. You can also traverse trees using different algorithms to perform operations on nodes or extract valuable information from the tree structure.

So, even though Python may not have a built-in tree data structure, you have the flexibility to create your own tree-like structures with ease!

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