Is There a Discord Server for Among Us?


Heather Bennett

Are you a fan of the popular online multiplayer game Among Us? Do you enjoy discussing strategies, finding teammates, or simply sharing your experiences with other players?

If so, you might be wondering if there is a Discord server dedicated to Among Us. Well, the good news is that there are indeed several Discord servers where you can join a community of Among Us enthusiasts.

What is Discord?

In case you’re not familiar with Discord, it is a communication platform designed for creating communities. It allows users to chat via text, voice, or video and provides various features to enhance the gaming experience. Discord servers are like virtual meeting places where people with similar interests can gather and interact.

Finding an Among Us Discord Server

If you’re looking for an Among Us Discord server to join, there are several ways to find one. One of the easiest methods is by using popular gaming forums and communities. These platforms often have dedicated sections or threads where users share links to their Among Us servers.

Discord Server Directories

Another option is to use Discord server directories such as,, or These websites allow users to search for specific servers based on their preferred categories or tags. By typing “Among Us” in the search bar, you should be able to find multiple servers related to the game.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter can also be valuable resources for finding Among Us Discord servers. Many players and communities actively share server invitations on these platforms.

You can search for keywords like “Among Us server” or “Among Us Discord” to find relevant posts and tweets. Additionally, joining Among Us-related groups or following dedicated accounts might lead you to the perfect server.

Joining an Among Us Discord Server

Once you’ve found a Discord server that interests you, joining is usually a straightforward process. First, make sure you have a Discord account. If you don’t, head over to and create one – it’s free!

After logging in, copy the server invitation link provided by the server owner or moderator. In your Discord application, click on the plus (+) button on the left-hand side of the screen.

This will open a window where you can paste the invitation link. Press enter or click “Join” to enter the server.

Server Rules and Etiquette

Remember that each Discord server may have its own set of rules and guidelines that you must follow. These rules are typically listed in a channel called “rules,” “guidelines,” or something similar. Make sure to familiarize yourself with them to avoid any issues or potential bans.

Benefits of Joining an Among Us Discord Server

Joining an Among Us Discord server can offer several benefits for players:

  • Finding Teammates: In Among Us, teamwork is crucial. By joining a dedicated server, you can easily find other players looking for teammates to form a group and enhance your gaming experience.
  • Discussions and Strategies: Discord servers often have dedicated channels for discussions about different aspects of the game, such as strategies, tips, and tricks.

    You can learn from experienced players and share your own knowledge with others.

  • Community Events: Many Among Us servers organize community events like tournaments, custom lobbies, or themed game nights. These events can be a great way to have fun and connect with fellow players.
  • Sharing Content: If you enjoy creating Among Us-related content such as artwork, videos, or memes, Discord servers can provide an audience that appreciates and enjoys your creations.

In Conclusion

If you’re an Among Us enthusiast looking to connect with other players, joining a Discord server dedicated to the game is a fantastic idea. Whether you want to find teammates, discuss strategies, participate in events, or simply engage with the community, there are plenty of options available. By using the methods mentioned above and exploring various platforms, you’ll soon find yourself immersed in a thriving Among Us Discord server.

So why wait? Go ahead and embark on this exciting journey by finding an Among Us Discord server that suits your preferences!

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