Is Text a Data Type in VBA?


Angela Bailey

In Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), text is indeed considered a data type. It is one of the fundamental data types available in VBA, along with numeric, date/time, boolean, and object types. Text data type is used to store and manipulate textual information such as names, addresses, descriptions, and more.

Declaring Text Variables in VBA

To work with text data in VBA, you first need to declare a variable of type “String”. The String data type represents a sequence of characters and can hold any combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces.

To declare a text variable in VBA, you can use the following syntax:

Dim myText As String

The above code declares a variable named “myText” as a String type. You can then assign values to this variable using assignment statements like:

myText = "Hello World"

Manipulating Text Data

VBA provides various built-in functions and operators that allow you to manipulate text data easily. Here are some commonly used operations:


The concatenation operator (&) is used to join two or more strings together. For example:

Dim firstName As String
Dim lastName As String
Dim fullName As String

firstName = "John"
lastName = "Doe"
fullName = firstName & " " & lastName

In the above code snippet, the variables firstName and lastName are concatenated using the & operator to form the fullName variable.


The Len function returns the length (number of characters) of a given string. For example:

Dim text As String
Dim length As Integer

text = "Hello"
length = Len(text)

In this case, the variable length will hold the value 5 since the string “Hello” has 5 characters.


You can extract a portion of a string using the Mid function. The Mid function takes three arguments: the string to extract from, the starting position, and the number of characters to extract. For example:

Dim fullName As String
Dim firstName As String

fullName = "John Doe"
firstName = Mid(fullName, 1, 4)

In this code snippet, firstName will be assigned the value “John” as it extracts the first four characters from fullName.

Using Text in VBA Functions and Procedures

Text data types can be used as parameters or return types for functions and procedures in VBA. You can pass text values to functions to perform operations on them or return text values from functions to use them elsewhere in your code.


In VBA, text is considered a data type. It is represented by the String data type and allows you to store and manipulate textual information. By using various functions and operators provided by VBA, you can easily work with text data in your applications.

Now that you understand how text is treated as a data type in VBA, you can confidently incorporate it into your programming projects!

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