Is Tableau Server Compatible With All Web Browsers?


Larry Thompson

Is Tableau Server Compatible With All Web Browsers?

Tableau Server is a powerful tool for data visualization and collaboration. It allows users to publish and share interactive dashboards, reports, and charts with others in their organization.

However, one question that often arises is whether Tableau Server is compatible with all web browsers. In this article, we will explore the compatibility of Tableau Server with popular web browsers and discuss any limitations.

Compatibility with Web Browsers

1. Google Chrome

Tableau Server is fully compatible with Google Chrome, which makes it an ideal choice for users who prefer this browser. All functionalities of Tableau Server, including viewing and interacting with dashboards, creating workbooks, and managing permissions, are fully supported on Google Chrome.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Similar to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox provides full compatibility with Tableau Server. Users can access all features of Tableau Server without any limitations when using this browser.

3. Microsoft Edge

Tableau Server works seamlessly on Microsoft Edge as well. Whether you are using the classic version or the newer Chromium-based version of Edge, you can expect a smooth experience when accessing and using Tableau Server.

4. Apple Safari

If you are an Apple user who prefers Safari as your web browser, you will be pleased to know that Tableau Server is also compatible with Safari. You can access your dashboards and reports without any issues on Safari.

Limited Compatibility

Internet Explorer (IE)

In the past, Internet Explorer was a widely used web browser. However, Microsoft has deprecated IE and is encouraging users to switch to Microsoft Edge. Although Tableau Server may work with older versions of Internet Explorer, it is not recommended as it may have limited functionality and performance issues.


In conclusion, Tableau Server is compatible with popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. However, it is important to note that Internet Explorer has limited compatibility and is not the recommended browser for accessing Tableau Server. It is always advisable to use the latest version of your preferred web browser for the best experience with Tableau Server.

By ensuring compatibility with a wide range of web browsers, Tableau Server enables users to access and collaborate on data-driven insights seamlessly. Whether you are using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, you can leverage the full power of Tableau Server to visualize and share your data effectively.

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