Is String a Data Type in Dart?


Larry Thompson

In Dart, a string is indeed considered a data type. It is used to represent a sequence of characters and is commonly used for storing text-based information. Strings in Dart are immutable, meaning that once created, their values cannot be modified.

Creating a String

To create a string in Dart, you can use either single quotes (”) or double quotes (“”). Here’s an example:

String greeting = 'Hello, world!';

The variable greeting now holds the string “Hello, world!”. It is important to note that once created, the value of a string cannot be changed.

String Operations

Dart provides several useful operations and methods for working with strings:

  • Concatenation: You can concatenate two strings using the ‘+’ operator. For example:

String firstName = 'John';
String lastName = 'Doe';
String fullName = firstName + ' ' + lastName;
print(fullName); // Output: John Doe
  • Length: You can determine the length of a string using the length property. For example:

String message = 'Hello, Dart!';
int length = message.length;
print(length); // Output: 13
  • Substrings: You can extract substrings from a string using the substring() method. For example:

String text = 'Hello, world!';
String substring = text.substring(7, 12);
print(substring); // Output: world

String Interpolation

String interpolation is a powerful feature in Dart that allows you to embed expressions within strings. To perform string interpolation, use the ‘\$’ symbol followed by the expression you want to include. Here’s an example:

String name = 'Alice';
int age = 25;
String message = 'My name is \$name and I am \$age years old.';
print(message); // Output: My name is Alice and I am 25 years old.

By using string interpolation, you can easily combine variables and expressions with strings without having to use complex concatenation.


In Dart, a string is a data type used to represent text-based information. It is immutable and provides various operations and methods for manipulation. String interpolation allows for seamless embedding of expressions within strings, making it easier to work with dynamic content.

Now that you have a better understanding of strings in Dart, you can effectively work with text-based data in your programs.

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