Is SSRS a Web Server?


Larry Thompson

Is SSRS a Web Server?

SSRS, short for SQL Server Reporting Services, is a powerful tool used for creating, managing, and delivering reports within the Microsoft SQL Server environment. However, it is important to note that SSRS is not a web server itself.

What is a Web Server?

A web server is a software application responsible for serving web pages and other resources to clients over the internet or an intranet. It listens for incoming requests from clients (such as web browsers) and responds by delivering the requested content.

How Does SSRS Work?

When it comes to SSRS, it uses a combination of components to function effectively. One of these components is the Report Server, which acts as the backbone of SSRS. The Report Server is responsible for processing report requests and generating reports based on predefined templates or user-defined specifications.

The Report Server can be installed in two modes: Native mode and SharePoint mode. In Native mode, the Report Server operates independently and does not rely on any other web server software. It has its built-in web server known as HTTP.SYS, which handles communication between clients and the Report Server.

Native Mode

In Native mode, when a client makes a request for a report through their web browser, the request is sent directly to the built-in HTTP.SYS server within the SSRS installation. The server processes the request, retrieves the necessary data from SQL Server databases or other data sources, generates the report in HTML format, and sends it back to the client’s browser for display.

This process ensures that users can access reports through their browsers without requiring any additional web server software.

SharePoint Mode

In SharePoint mode, SSRS leverages Microsoft SharePoint as the web server. SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with other Microsoft Office products. In this mode, SSRS reports are managed and accessed through SharePoint sites.

When a user requests a report in SharePoint mode, the request is passed to the SharePoint web server, which then communicates with the underlying SSRS Report Server. The Report Server processes the request and returns the report back to SharePoint for display to the user.


In summary, while SSRS itself is not a web server, it can function in both Native mode and SharePoint mode to serve reports to clients over the internet or an intranet. In Native mode, it has its built-in HTTP.SYS server, while in SharePoint mode, it relies on Microsoft SharePoint as the web server.

Understanding how SSRS works and its integration with web servers is essential for effectively utilizing this powerful reporting tool within your organization.

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