Is Server Boosting in Discord Free?


Angela Bailey

Is Server Boosting in Discord Free?

Discord, the popular communication platform for gamers and communities, offers a feature called Server Boosting. It allows users to enhance their favorite servers by providing various benefits such as improved audio quality, custom server banners, and more. However, the question that often arises is whether server boosting in Discord is free or not.

The Basics of Server Boosting

Before we delve into whether server boosting is free or not, let’s first understand what it entails. Server Boosting is a way for Discord users to support their favorite servers by contributing Nitro boosts. Nitro boosts are a premium currency in Discord that can be obtained through Discord Nitro subscriptions or by being a part of a boosted server.

When a user boosts a server with their Nitro boost, they unlock certain perks and benefits for the entire community of that server. These benefits include:

  • Improved Audio Quality: Boosted servers enjoy higher quality audio streams, making voice chats and music sessions sound even better.
  • Custom Server Banners: Boosters can personalize the server’s appearance by setting a custom banner image.
  • Vanity URL: A boosted server can have its own unique URL, making it easier to share and remember.
  • Animated Server Icon: Boosters can add some life to the server icon with animated GIFs.

The Cost of Server Boosting

To address the question at hand – Is server boosting in Discord free? The answer is both yes and no. Let me explain.

In order to boost a server with your Nitro boost, you need to have an active Discord Nitro subscription or be a part of a boosted server. Discord Nitro is a premium subscription plan that offers various perks like global custom emojis, larger file uploads, enhanced streaming quality, and more. However, it comes at a cost.

If you have an active Nitro subscription, you receive two boosts that you can use on any server of your choice. These boosts are renewed every month as long as your subscription remains active. So technically, if you have Nitro, you can boost a server without any additional cost.

On the other hand, if you are not subscribed to Discord Nitro, but you are a member of a boosted server, you can still contribute to the server’s boost level without spending any money. This means that as long as you are an active member of a boosted server and have been granted the “Nitro Boosting” permission by the server owner/admins, you can use your one-time boost on that particular server.


In summary, while server boosting in Discord does require some form of investment either through an active Nitro subscription or being part of a boosted server with granted permissions, it is possible to engage in boosting without spending any additional money.

By supporting your favorite communities through Nitro boosts and enjoying the perks that come with it such as improved audio quality and customizations, you can contribute to making Discord servers even more enjoyable for everyone involved!

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