Is Scripting Real in FIFA 22?


Larry Thompson

In the world of gaming, FIFA is one of the most popular and beloved sports simulation franchises. With each new edition, fans eagerly await the improvements and additions that will enhance their virtual football experience. However, there has always been a debate surrounding one particular aspect of the game – scripting.

What is scripting?

Scripting refers to the alleged manipulation of gameplay mechanics in FIFA to create artificial advantages or disadvantages for certain players or teams. It is believed by some players that the game’s AI deliberately influences match outcomes by adjusting player attributes, altering player movements, or manipulating game physics.

The controversy

Scripting has been a topic of fierce debate among FIFA players for years. Some argue that it exists and is used by developers to create more dramatic and unpredictable matches.

They claim that it adds excitement and keeps players engaged, as no game is ever truly predictable. On the other hand, skeptics dismiss scripting as a mere conspiracy theory without any substantial evidence.

Evidence supporting scripting

Those who believe in scripting often point to certain occurrences during matches as evidence. These include moments where weaker teams suddenly perform exceptionally well against stronger opponents or scenarios where a player’s team inexplicably loses momentum despite dominating possession and creating numerous scoring opportunities.

Additionally, some players claim to have noticed changes in gameplay speed, passing accuracy, or player responsiveness at critical points in matches. These alterations seemingly benefit one team over the other and are seen as indicators of scripting at play.

Evidence against scripting

Skeptics argue that many instances attributed to scripting can be explained by natural variations in gameplay. They believe that these occurrences are simply part of the game’s inherent randomness and do not indicate any deliberate manipulation by developers.

Furthermore, EA Sports, the developer of FIFA, has repeatedly denied the existence of scripting in the game. They maintain that FIFA’s gameplay mechanics are designed to provide a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Any perceived imbalances are said to be the result of skill disparities between players rather than intentional manipulation.


The debate surrounding scripting in FIFA 22 is unlikely to reach a definitive conclusion anytime soon. While some players firmly believe in its existence and claim to have experienced its effects firsthand, others remain skeptical and attribute such occurrences to natural variations in gameplay.

Ultimately, whether scripting is real or not may vary from player to player. It is essential to remember that FIFA, like any other video game, aims to strike a balance between realism and entertainment. Whether scripting plays a role in achieving this balance is a question that only the developers can answer.

In the meantime, FIFA enthusiasts will continue to enjoy the game, eagerly anticipating new features and improvements with each edition, while also engaging in passionate discussions about scripting.

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