Is Scripting a Thing in FIFA?


Larry Thompson

Is Scripting a Thing in FIFA?

FIFA, the popular football video game series developed by EA Sports, has been a topic of debate among players for years. One of the controversial topics discussed in the FIFA gaming community is “scripting.” But what exactly is scripting in FIFA? Is it real or just a myth?

Understanding Scripting

Scripting, also known as “momentum” or “dynamic difficulty adjustment,” refers to the alleged manipulation of gameplay mechanics to influence match outcomes. Some players claim that certain events during a game are predetermined by the game’s AI, favoring one team over another.

The Arguments For and Against Scripting

Supporters of Scripting: Those who believe in scripting argue that they have experienced situations where their team inexplicably underperforms or opponents suddenly become more challenging. They point to instances where their players make unforced errors, miss easy shots, or lose possession frequently.

Critics of Scripting: On the other hand, opponents of scripting argue that these perceived biases are simply part of the game’s mechanics and can be explained by factors such as player skill, tactics, or even random chance. They believe that blaming scripting for losses undermines personal accountability and skill improvement.

The Developers’ Perspective

EA Sports, the developers behind FIFA, has consistently denied the existence of scripting in their games. They maintain that gameplay is designed to provide a fair and balanced experience for all players. According to EA Sports, any perceived inconsistencies are unintentional and a result of the complex algorithms that govern the game’s mechanics.

The Role of Psychological Bias

It is essential to consider the role of psychological bias when discussing scripting. Confirmation bias, for example, can lead players to notice and remember instances that support their belief in scripting while disregarding or forgetting counterexamples. This bias can contribute to the perpetuation of the scripting debate.


In conclusion, whether scripting exists in FIFA remains a subject of intense debate within the gaming community. While some players firmly believe in its existence, others attribute perceived imbalances to other factors such as skill, tactics, or randomness. Ultimately, it is up to each individual player to form their own opinion based on their experiences with the game. Regardless of one’s stance on scripting, FIFA continues to be a popular and enjoyable football gaming experience.

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