Is Razor a Scripting Language?


Scott Campbell

Is Razor a Scripting Language?

The Razor syntax is widely known and used in web development, especially in ASP.NET applications. But is Razor considered a scripting language? Let’s dive into the details and explore what makes Razor unique.

Razor: A Templating Engine

Razor is not a standalone programming language; rather, it can be seen as a templating engine that combines code with HTML markup to generate dynamic content. It provides a concise and readable syntax that allows developers to write server-side code within HTML files.

The Syntax

Inline Expressions:

To include dynamic content within your HTML, you can use inline expressions in Razor. These expressions are denoted by the “@” symbol followed by the code you want to execute.

    <p>Hello, @Model.Name!</p>

In this example, the variable “Model.Name” will be replaced with its corresponding value when the page is rendered.

Code Blocks:

Razor also allows you to write more complex logic using code blocks. Code blocks are enclosed within @{ } and can contain multiple lines of code.

        if (condition)
            // do something
            // do something else

Integration with C#

Razor leverages C# as its default programming language. This integration allows developers to utilize the full power of C# while building their web applications.

Advantages of Using Razor

  • Simplicity: Razor provides a clean and intuitive syntax, making it easy to understand and maintain code.
  • Code Reusability: By separating logic from presentation, Razor promotes code reusability and improves the development process.
  • Intuitive HTML Integration: Razor allows developers to seamlessly integrate server-side logic with HTML markup, resulting in cleaner and more readable code.


In summary, while Razor is not a standalone scripting language, it serves as a powerful templating engine that allows developers to integrate server-side code with HTML markup. Its simplicity, code reusability, and seamless integration with C# make it a popular choice among web developers. So next time you come across Razor in your ASP.NET projects, remember that it’s not just a scripting language but an essential tool for creating dynamic web applications.

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