Is Raiding a Discord Server a Crime?


Angela Bailey

Is Raiding a Discord Server a Crime?

Raiding a Discord server, also known as server raiding or trolling, refers to the act of joining a server with the intention of causing disruption and chaos. This can involve spamming messages, flooding voice channels with noise, sharing inappropriate content, and generally disrupting the normal functioning of the server. However, the question arises: is raiding a Discord server a crime?

The Legal Perspective

From a legal standpoint, raiding a Discord server can potentially be considered illegal in many jurisdictions. The act of intentionally causing harm or disruption through unauthorized access to computer systems is often classified as hacking or cybercrime. While Discord itself is not responsible for user misconduct, they have implemented measures to combat and discourage such activities on their platform.

Under most legal frameworks, gaining unauthorized access to someone’s computer systems or online accounts without permission is illegal. This includes joining private servers without invitation or using someone else’s account credentials to gain access to servers. Engaging in activities that disrupt the normal functioning of these servers can also lead to legal consequences.

Consequences of Raiding

Raiding a Discord server can have severe consequences for those involved. While each case may differ depending on local laws and circumstances, potential consequences may include:

  • Criminal Charges: In some jurisdictions, raiding a Discord server can lead to criminal charges such as hacking or unauthorized access to computer systems. These charges can result in fines and even imprisonment if convicted.
  • Civil Penalties: The victims of server raids may also pursue civil lawsuits against the perpetrators for damages caused.

    This could result in monetary compensation being awarded.

  • Banned Accounts: Discord takes user misconduct seriously and has implemented measures to combat server raiding. Participating in such activities can result in account bans, preventing further access to the platform.

Discord’s Stance on Server Raiding

Discord has a strict policy against server raiding and takes appropriate actions to prevent and mitigate such incidents. They encourage server owners to report raids through their Trust & Safety team, who will investigate and take action against the individuals involved.

Users who engage in server raids may find their accounts permanently banned from Discord. Additionally, Discord actively develops and deploys technologies to detect and prevent these types of attacks, making it increasingly difficult for offenders to carry out successful raids.


Raiding a Discord server is not only disruptive but can also have serious legal consequences. While laws may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it is important to respect the rules and guidelines put in place by Discord and its user community.

Engaging in raiding activities can lead to criminal charges, civil penalties, and account bans. Instead, users should focus on fostering positive online communities that promote collaboration, inclusivity, and respect for others.

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