Is POST a Data Type?


Larry Thompson

Is POST a Data Type?

When it comes to web development and working with forms, you may have come across the term “POST”. But what exactly does it mean?

Is POST a data type? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

Understanding HTTP Methods

In order to comprehend the concept of POST, it is important to understand the different HTTP methods used in web development. The two most commonly used methods are GET and POST.

  • GET: This method is used to retrieve data from a server. When you enter a URL in your browser’s address bar or click on a link, a GET request is sent to the server, which then responds by sending back the requested data.
  • POST: On the other hand, the POST method is used to send data to a server. When you submit a form on a website, the data entered in the form fields is sent using a POST request.

The Role of POST in Form Data Submission

Now that we understand what POST is in terms of an HTTP method, let’s talk about its role in form data submission. When you create an HTML form, you specify an action attribute that determines where the form data should be submitted. This attribute can have different values depending on how you want to handle the data.

If you set the action attribute to a URL and use the GET method, the form will send its data as query parameters appended to that URL. This means that anyone who sees this URL will be able to view and potentially manipulate the submitted data.

To ensure more secure and private transmission of sensitive information like passwords or credit card details, it is recommended to use the POST method instead. By using POST, the form data is sent in the body of the HTTP request, making it inaccessible through the URL.

POST Data Format

So, is POST a data type? The answer is no.

POST does not refer to a specific data type. Instead, it is an HTTP method used for sending data from a client (usually a web browser) to a server.

The data sent via POST can be of any data type or format. Common examples include plain text, JSON, XML, or even binary files like images or videos. The format of the data depends on how it is encoded and interpreted by both the client and server applications.


In summary, POST is not a data type but an HTTP method used for transmitting data from a client to a server. It plays a crucial role in form submission and ensures more secure transmission of sensitive information. Remember to use the appropriate method (GET or POST) based on your specific requirements when working with forms in web development.

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