Is PES Online Scripting?


Heather Bennett

Is PES Online Scripting?

In the world of online gaming, there are always controversies and debates surrounding the fairness of certain aspects of gameplay. One such topic that has sparked heated discussions among players is the concept of scripting in PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) Online. Scripting refers to the alleged manipulation of game mechanics to favor one player or team over another.

What is Scripting?

Scripting in video games is a term used to describe a situation where the game’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) intervenes in gameplay to influence the outcome. It is believed that scripting can occur in various forms, such as boosting weaker teams, increasing or decreasing player attributes, altering match statistics, or even influencing the momentum of a game.

Evidence of Scripting

Many players claim to have experienced scripting in PES Online matches. They report instances where their team suddenly starts performing poorly despite having a significant advantage or dominating the game until that point. These sudden shifts in gameplay dynamics have led players to believe that an external force is at play.

Common examples include witnessing opponents’ weaker players suddenly performing exceptionally well, experiencing excessive own goals or defensive errors, and observing unrealistic comebacks near the end of a match.

The Developer’s Perspective

Konami, the developer behind PES, has repeatedly denied implementing any form of scripting in their games. They claim that all outcomes are determined by a combination of player skill, tactics, and random chance. According to Konami’s official statement, they strive for fair and balanced gameplay without any artificial interference.

Game Design Considerations

PES Online employs several design elements to ensure an engaging and competitive experience for all players. These include a comprehensive player rating system, realistic physics, and a wide range of tactical options. Additionally, the game incorporates a dynamic momentum feature that can shift the balance of play based on in-game events, such as goals or fouls.

The Debate

The question of whether scripting exists in PES Online remains a highly debated topic within the gaming community. While some players firmly believe in the existence of scripting due to their personal experiences, others argue that it is merely a result of psychological bias or misunderstanding of game mechanics.

Psychological Bias

Psychological bias can play a significant role in shaping players’ perception of scripting. When things do not go as planned or expected in a game, it is natural to look for external factors to explain the outcome. This cognitive bias may lead players to attribute their losses or setbacks to scripting rather than accepting them as part of the inherent randomness and unpredictability of sports.

Game Mechanics Misunderstanding

Another perspective suggests that what some players perceive as scripting could be an unintended consequence of complex game mechanics. PES Online is designed to simulate real-life football matches with all their unpredictability and variability. Factors such as player form, fatigue, tactical decisions, and even luck can influence gameplay outcomes.


The debate surrounding scripting in PES Online continues with no definitive answer. While some players firmly believe they have encountered scripting, others attribute these experiences to psychological bias or misunderstandings about game mechanics. Regardless of whether scripting exists or not, it is essential for players to remember that skill, tactics, and adaptability are crucial factors for success in any competitive online game.

In summary, while scripting remains an ongoing controversy among PES Online players, it is important to approach the topic with an open mind and consider the various perspectives and factors at play.

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