Is Ngrok a Web Server?


Larry Thompson

Is Ngrok a Web Server?

Ngrok is a powerful tool that allows you to expose your local development server to the internet. However, it is important to note that Ngrok itself is not a web server.

What is Ngrok?

Ngrok is a tunneling software that creates secure tunnels from public URLs to your local machine. It provides a way to access your localhost server from anywhere, allowing you to test webhooks, APIs, or any other type of HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

How does Ngrok work?

When you start Ngrok on your local machine, it generates a unique public URL (e.g., that forwards incoming requests to your localhost server. This means that external services can communicate with your locally hosted application as if it were running on a public server.

The benefits of using Ngrok

  • Easy setup: Setting up Ngrok is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is download the executable for your operating system and run it from the command line.
  • Accessible from anywhere: With Ngrok, you can share your locally hosted application with clients or colleagues for testing purposes without deploying it to a public server.
  • Tunnel security: Ngrok establishes secure tunnels using TLS encryption, ensuring that your data is protected during transmission over the internet.

Limits of using Ngrok

  • Temporary URLs: The URLs generated by Ngrok are temporary and change every time you restart the software. This means that if you are using Ngrok for development or testing, you may need to update the URLs in your applications regularly.
  • Concurrent connections: The free version of Ngrok has limitations on the number of concurrent connections and provides limited bandwidth. If you require more connections or higher performance, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Using Ngrok with a Web Server

Ngrok is commonly used alongside web servers like Apache, Nginx, or Node.js to expose them to the internet for testing purposes. By running Ngrok and your local web server simultaneously, you can make your locally hosted website accessible via a public URL.


In summary, while Ngrok is not a web server itself, it serves as a powerful tool for tunneling HTTP/HTTPS traffic from public URLs to your local machine. It simplifies the process of sharing and testing your locally hosted applications without deploying them to a public server. With its easy setup and secure tunnels, Ngrok is an invaluable asset for developers and testers alike.

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