Is MongoDB a Scripting Language?


Heather Bennett

Is MongoDB a Scripting Language?

MongoDB is not a scripting language, but rather a NoSQL database management system that provides high performance, scalability, and flexibility for handling large amounts of data.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a document-oriented database that stores data in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas. It was developed by MongoDB Inc. and released in 2009 as an open-source project. MongoDB is designed to bridge the gap between key-value stores and traditional relational databases by providing the best features of both.

Why MongoDB is Not a Scripting Language

While MongoDB does provide a powerful query language called the MongoDB Query Language (MQL), it is important to note that MQL is not a scripting language itself. MQL allows users to perform complex queries on the data stored in MongoDB, but it does not support control flow statements or the ability to define functions or variables like scripting languages do.

In contrast, scripting languages like JavaScript, Python, or Ruby are used for writing scripts or programs that can automate tasks, manipulate data, or interact with databases. These languages provide control flow statements (such as if-else statements and loops) and support defining functions and variables.

How MongoDB Can Be Used with Scripting Languages

Although MongoDB itself is not a scripting language, it can be easily integrated with popular scripting languages like JavaScript. MongoDB provides official drivers for various programming languages including JavaScript that allow developers to interact with the database using their preferred programming language.

For example, using the official MongoDB Node.js driver, you can write JavaScript code to connect to a MongoDB database, perform CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete), and execute complex queries. This allows developers to leverage the power of MongoDB along with the flexibility and expressiveness of JavaScript or any other scripting language.


In summary, MongoDB is not a scripting language but a powerful NoSQL database management system. It provides a flexible document-oriented data model and a rich query language called MQL. While MongoDB can be used alongside scripting languages like JavaScript, it is important to understand the distinction between MongoDB as a database and scripting languages as programming tools.

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