Is MATLAB Web App Server Free?


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Is MATLAB Web App Server Free?

Many users wonder whether the MATLAB Web App Server is available for free. In this article, we will explore the pricing and licensing options for the MATLAB Web App Server and clarify whether it is free to use.

What is the MATLAB Web App Server?

The MATLAB Web App Server allows users to deploy their MATLAB apps as web applications, making them accessible to a wider audience through a web browser. It enables seamless integration of MATLAB algorithms with interactive web interfaces, providing an efficient means of sharing and collaborating on projects.

Licensing Options

When it comes to licensing, it’s essential to understand that the availability of the MATLAB Web App Server for free depends on your specific situation and requirements. Let’s explore the different options:

1. MATLAB Online

If you are using MATLAB Online, you can deploy your apps using the built-in hosting capabilities without any additional cost. This means that you can share your apps with others using a URL without worrying about additional fees.

2. On-Premises Deployment

If you want to deploy your apps on-premises or behind your organization’s firewall, you will need a license for the MATLAB Production Server. The MATLAB Production Server license allows multiple users within your organization to access your deployed apps.

3. Cloud Deployment

If you wish to deploy your apps in the cloud, MathWorks offers several options that come with different pricing structures:

  • MATLAB Online: If you have a MATLAB Online subscription or if your organization has a Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license, deploying apps in the cloud is included at no additional cost.
  • Cloud Services: MathWorks offers MATLAB Production Server instances on the cloud as a pay-as-you-go service. This allows you to scale your deployment based on your needs, but it comes with associated costs.
  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL): If you already have a MATLAB Production Server license, you can use it to deploy apps on cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. However, keep in mind that infrastructure costs may apply.


The availability of the MATLAB Web App Server for free depends on your specific situation and the licensing option you choose. If you are using MATLAB Online, you can deploy apps without any additional cost. For on-premises deployment or cloud deployment, different licensing options and associated costs may apply.

Before making a decision, it is recommended to consult with MathWorks or refer to their official documentation to ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding pricing and licensing for the MATLAB Web App Server.

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