Is Kotlin a Good Scripting Language?


Angela Bailey

Is Kotlin a Good Scripting Language?

Kotlin is a modern programming language that was introduced by JetBrains in 2011. Initially designed to run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Kotlin has gained popularity for its versatility and ease of use. While it is primarily known as a statically-typed language for developing Android applications, Kotlin can also be utilized as a scripting language for various purposes.

Benefits of Using Kotlin as a Scripting Language

When considering whether Kotlin is a good choice for scripting tasks, there are several factors to take into account:

1. Concise and Readable Syntax

Kotlin’s syntax is concise and expressive, making it easier to write and understand code. With features like type inference, lambda expressions, and extension functions, developers can write shorter scripts without compromising readability.

2. Interoperability with Java

Kotlin seamlessly integrates with existing Java code, allowing scripts to leverage the vast Java ecosystem. This interoperability enables developers to use existing libraries and frameworks while taking advantage of Kotlin’s modern features.

3. Null Safety

Kotlin’s null safety feature eliminates the infamous NullPointerException (NPE) issue commonly encountered in scripting languages. By enforcing null safety at compile-time, Kotlin reduces the risk of runtime errors caused by null references.

4. Versatility

Kotlin supports multiple platforms, including JVM, Android, JavaScript, and native code through LLVM compilation. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of scripting tasks across different environments.

Potential Use Cases for Kotlin Scripting

Kotlin can be used as a scripting language in various scenarios:

  • Automation Scripts: Kotlin’s concise syntax and rich standard library make it a great choice for writing automation scripts. Whether it’s automating repetitive tasks or building command-line tools, Kotlin enables developers to create powerful scripts with ease.
  • Data Processing: With its functional programming capabilities and support for collections, Kotlin can be used to process and analyze data.

    Whether it’s parsing CSV files, manipulating JSON data, or performing complex calculations, Kotlin provides the necessary tools for efficient data processing.

  • Scripting Android Apps: While Kotlin is widely used for Android app development, it can also be utilized as a scripting language within Android apps themselves. This allows developers to add dynamic behavior or scripting capabilities to their applications.

Kotlin Scripting Example

Let’s take a look at a simple example of a Kotlin script that fetches data from an API and prints the results:


fun main() {
    val apiUrl = ""
    val response = URL(apiUrl).readText()

In this example, we use Kotlin’s standard library to retrieve data from an API using the URL class. The fetched response is then printed to the console using the println function.

Kotlin’s clean syntax and powerful features make it an excellent choice for scripting tasks. Whether you’re automating processes, processing data, or adding scripting capabilities to your applications, Kotlin provides the flexibility and expressiveness needed for efficient scripting.

In conclusion, Kotlin is indeed a good scripting language due to its concise syntax, interoperability with Java, null safety features, versatility across multiple platforms, and its ability to handle various scripting tasks effectively.

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