Is Kestrel Web Server Production Ready?


Angela Bailey

Is Kestrel Web Server Production Ready?

When it comes to choosing a web server for our applications, we often find ourselves faced with numerous options. One such option is Kestrel, a cross-platform web server developed by Microsoft.

But is Kestrel web server production ready? Let’s dive in and explore its capabilities.

What is Kestrel?

Kestrel is an open-source, lightweight web server built specifically for ASP.NET Core applications. It is designed to be fast, scalable, and efficient, making it a popular choice among developers.


⚡️ Fast: Kestrel boasts impressive performance metrics, making it suitable for high-load scenarios. Its asynchronous architecture allows it to handle multiple requests concurrently without blocking threads.

🚀 Scalable: Kestrel can efficiently handle a large number of concurrent connections. It supports various load balancing techniques, allowing you to scale your application horizontally as needed.


🔒 Secure: Kestrel provides built-in support for HTTPS, ensuring encrypted communication between the server and clients. It also supports advanced security features like certificate validation and client certificate authentication.

Platform Compatibility

🌐 Cross-platform: One of the significant advantages of using Kestrel is its cross-platform compatibility. It can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux environments seamlessly.

Ease of Use

✨ Simple Configuration: Configuring Kestrel is straightforward as it allows you to specify settings through code or configuration files. You can easily customize various aspects such as port, IP binding, and request limits.

Integration with ASP.NET Core

🌐 ASP.NET Core: Kestrel is the default web server for ASP. It seamlessly integrates with the framework and provides optimal performance when used in conjunction with it.


🔌 Middleware Support: Kestrel offers extensive middleware support, allowing you to enhance your application’s functionality. You can easily add authentication, logging, caching, and more by utilizing the vast range of middleware available.


In summary, Kestrel web server is indeed production-ready. Its exceptional performance, security features, cross-platform compatibility, ease of use, integration with ASP.NET Core, and extensibility make it a reliable choice for building robust web applications. Consider using Kestrel in your next project and experience its benefits firsthand!

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