Is Integer a Data Type in R?


Larry Thompson

Is Integer a Data Type in R?

In the world of programming languages, data types play a crucial role in defining the kind of data that can be stored and manipulated. R, being a powerful language for statistical computing and graphics, also offers various data types to handle different kinds of data. One such commonly used data type in R is the integer.

What is an Integer?

An integer is a whole number without any decimal places. In simple terms, it represents positive or negative numbers without fractions or decimals.

Declaring Integer Variables

In R, you can declare an integer variable using the as.integer() function. This function converts the given value into an integer type.

Here’s an example:

x <- 10

The output will be:

[1] "integer"

Note: When you print the class of variable x, it returns "integer", confirming that it is indeed an integer data type.

Operations on Integers

R provides various arithmetic operations that can be performed on integers. These include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and modulus (remainder) operations.

  • Addition:
  • x <- 5 + 3
  • Subtraction:
  • x <- 10 - 4
  • Multiplication:
  • x <- 6 * 2
  • Division:
  • x <- 16 / 4
  • Modulus (Remainder):
  • x <- 15 %% 4

Type Conversion of Integers

Sometimes, you may need to convert an integer to another data type. R provides several functions to perform type conversion.

Here are a few examples:

x <- as.integer("10")

In this example, the as.integer() function converts the character "10" into an integer type.

x <- as.integer(10.5)

In this example, the decimal number 10.5 is converted to an integer using the as.


In conclusion, R does offer the integer data type for handling whole numbers without any decimal places. You can declare integer variables using the as.integer() function and perform various arithmetic operations on them. Additionally, R provides convenient functions for converting integers to other data types when needed.

Now that you understand integers in R, you can confidently incorporate them into your programming projects!