Is IIS a Web or Application Server?


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Is IIS a Web or Application Server?

When it comes to hosting websites and applications, one of the most popular choices is Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS). But is IIS considered a web server or an application server? Let’s dive into this question and explore the capabilities of IIS.

Understanding Web Servers

A web server is software that delivers web content to clients, typically in the form of HTML pages. It handles HTTP requests from clients, processes them, and sends back responses with the requested content. Web servers are responsible for hosting websites and managing their resources.

IIS as a Web Server

IIS can indeed be classified as a web server. It is primarily designed to serve static content such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, and images. When a client requests these files from an IIS-powered website, IIS processes the request and sends back the corresponding files to be displayed by the client’s browser.

Exploring Application Servers

An application server goes beyond serving static content. It provides a platform for running dynamic applications that can generate content on-the-fly based on user input or other data sources. Application servers are capable of executing code written in various programming languages like Java, .NET, or PHP.

IIS as an Application Server

While IIS excels at serving static content, it can also function as an application server. Through its integration with ASP.NET technology, IIS enables developers to build dynamic web applications using programming languages like C# or Visual Basic .NET.

IIS supports ASP.NET features such as session management, state management, caching mechanisms, and authentication services. These capabilities make IIS highly suitable for hosting complex web applications that require server-side processing and database interactions.


In summary, IIS can be considered both a web server and an application server. It offers robust capabilities for serving static content while also providing support for dynamic web applications through its integration with ASP. Whether you need to host a simple website or a complex application, IIS is a versatile choice that can meet your requirements.


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