Is Golang Programming or Scripting Language?


Heather Bennett

Is Golang Programming or Scripting Language?

When it comes to categorizing programming languages, one question that often arises is whether a particular language is a programming language or a scripting language. In the case of Golang, also known as Go, the answer is quite clear – it is a programming language. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Golang a programming language rather than a scripting language.

Compiled vs Interpreted

Golang follows the traditional approach of being compiled, which differentiates it from scripting languages that are typically interpreted. Unlike scripting languages such as Python or JavaScript, which rely on an interpreter to execute code directly, Golang requires compilation before execution.

The compiler converts the human-readable Go code into machine-readable binary code, which can then be executed by the computer. This compilation step allows for faster and more efficient execution compared to interpreted languages.

Static Typing

Golang also supports static typing, another characteristic commonly found in traditional programming languages. In statically typed languages like Go, variables must be declared with their specific data types before use. The compiler checks for type compatibility during compilation, reducing runtime errors and improving code reliability.

Closer to System Level Programming

Golang was designed with efficiency and performance in mind. It aims to provide developers with a language that offers high performance similar to system-level programming languages like C or C++. This focus on efficiency and performance places Golang in the realm of programming languages rather than scripting languages.

Rich Standard Library

Golang provides an extensive standard library, offering various functionalities out-of-the-box. This library includes packages for networking, file I/O, encryption, web development, and much more. The inclusion of a rich standard library aligns with the philosophy of programming languages, which typically provide a wide range of tools and utilities for building robust applications.

Concurrency Support

Concurrency is an important aspect of modern software development. Golang incorporates built-in support for concurrency through its goroutines and channels.

Goroutines allow developers to execute functions concurrently, while channels enable communication and synchronization between goroutines. This powerful feature is commonly found in programming languages but not typically associated with scripting languages.

In Conclusion

Golang, or Go, is undeniably a programming language rather than a scripting language. Its compiled nature, static typing, focus on efficiency and performance, rich standard library, and support for concurrency all contribute to its classification as a programming language. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer looking to learn a new language, Golang offers the benefits of traditional programming languages along with modern features.

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