Is Edge a Web Server?


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Is Edge a Web Server?

When it comes to web servers, there are several popular options available, such as Apache, Nginx, and Microsoft IIS. However, with the increasing popularity of Microsoft Edge as a web browser, many users wonder if Edge can also function as a web server. In this article, we will explore whether Edge can be used as a web server and its limitations.

What is a Web Server?

Before diving into the topic, let’s quickly recap what a web server is. A web server is software that runs on a computer and manages incoming requests for web pages or other online resources. It serves these resources to clients (web browsers) over the internet using protocols like HTTP or HTTPS.

Edge as a Web Browser

To clarify any confusion, it’s important to note that Microsoft Edge is primarily designed as a web browser. It excels in rendering and displaying websites, providing an intuitive user interface, and offering various features for browsing the internet.

EdgeHTML Engine

One might assume that since Edge is built on the EdgeHTML engine (now replaced by Chromium-based engine), it could potentially act as a web server. However, this assumption is incorrect. The EdgeHTML engine was not developed nor optimized for serving web content in the same way that dedicated web servers like Apache or Nginx were designed to do.

The Limitations

  • Lack of Configuration: Unlike dedicated web servers, Edge does not provide configuration options necessary for hosting websites. It lacks features like virtual hosts, URL rewriting rules, SSL/TLS certificate management, and server-side scripting support.
  • Performance and Scalability: Edge is optimized for rendering web pages, not handling a high volume of concurrent requests like dedicated web servers.

    Using Edge as a web server would likely result in poor performance and scalability limitations.

  • Security Concerns: Web servers are designed with security measures to protect against various attacks. Edge, being a browser, does not have the same level of security features and hardening that dedicated web servers provide.

Alternative Solutions

If you’re looking to host websites or serve web content, it is highly recommended to use dedicated web server software like Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS. These servers offer robust features, optimal performance, and enhanced security specifically tailored for hosting websites.


In conclusion, while Microsoft Edge is an excellent web browser, it is not designed nor suitable to be used as a web server. Dedicated web servers are purpose-built to handle hosting websites efficiently and securely. Therefore, it is advisable to use appropriate server software when considering hosting your own website or serving content over the internet.

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