Is Discord Server Upgrade Permanent?


Angela Bailey

Is Discord Server Upgrade Permanent?

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms for gamers and communities alike. With its vast array of features and customizable options, Discord allows users to create and manage their own servers. One common question that arises when it comes to server management is whether a server upgrade on Discord is permanent or not.

Understanding Discord Server Upgrades

Before diving into the permanency of server upgrades, let’s first understand what a server upgrade entails. Discord offers two types of server upgrades: Nitro Boosting and Server Boosting.

Nitro Boosting

Nitro Boosting is a feature exclusive to Nitro subscribers. By using Nitro, users have the ability to boost a server of their choice. This boost provides various benefits to the boosted server such as enhanced audio quality, increased upload limits, custom emojis, and more.

It’s important to note that Nitro Boosting is not permanent. The boost lasts for as long as the user maintains an active Nitro subscription. Once the subscription ends or is canceled, the boost will be removed from the server.

Server Boosting

Server Boosting is available for all users, including those without a Nitro subscription. Users can choose to boost a server they are part of by using their earned boosts or purchasing additional boosts separately.

The permanency of Server Boosts depends on the number of boosts received by a server. When a server reaches certain milestones (e.g., 2 boosts for Level 1, 15 boosts for Level 2), it unlocks permanent features like extra emoji slots, higher audio quality, and more customization options.

The Permanency Factor

While Nitro Boosting is not permanent, the benefits provided by Server Boosting can become permanent based on the number of boosts a server receives. This means that as long as a server maintains the required number of boosts, it will continue to enjoy the permanent features associated with that boost level.

Managing Boosts

To keep track of boosts and manage them efficiently, Discord provides a dedicated “Server Boost” menu. This menu allows server administrators to see the number of boosts their server has received and which level they have unlocked. It also provides options to allocate boosts, giving administrators control over how they distribute the available boosts among different perks.


In summary, Discord server upgrades are not all permanent. Nitro Boosting requires an active Nitro subscription to maintain the boost, while Server Boosting offers permanent features based on the number of boosts received by a server. It’s important for users and administrators to understand these differences and manage their server upgrades accordingly.

Remember: Regularly monitoring boost levels and managing them effectively will ensure that servers continue to benefit from the enhanced features Discord offers.

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