Is Discord Server Boost Permanent?


Angela Bailey

Is Discord Server Boost Permanent?

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms for gamers and communities alike. One of its unique features is the ability to boost a server, which provides various benefits to both the server owner and its members.

But, is Discord server boost permanent? Let’s dive into this question and explore what exactly happens when a server is boosted.

What is Discord Server Boost?

Discord Server Boost is a feature that allows users to contribute to a server’s growth by providing additional perks and benefits. When a user boosts a server, they unlock several advantages such as improved audio quality, higher resolution screen sharing, increased upload limit for files and images, and more.

Server boosting also benefits the server owner by granting them access to special features like vanity URLs, custom invite backgrounds, and animated server icons. These perks can make a server stand out among others and create a more personalized experience for its members.

How does Server Boost work?

To boost a server, users need to have Nitro or Nitro Classic subscription. Nitro is Discord’s premium subscription service that offers additional features beyond what’s available in the free version.

Once you have Nitro or Nitro Classic, you can select a server you want to boost. By clicking on the “Server Boost” button in the server settings menu, you’ll be able to choose how many boosts you want to give to that particular server.

Temporary or Permanent Boost

When it comes to Discord Server Boost, there are two types of boosts: temporary and permanent.

  • Temporary Boost:

A temporary boost lasts for only one week. During this period, the boosted server enjoys all the benefits of a boosted server, and the user who contributed the boost will have a special badge displayed next to their name.

  • Permanent Boost:

A permanent boost, as the name suggests, lasts until the user decides to remove their boost. This means that as long as at least one person continues to provide a permanent boost to a server, it will retain its boosted status and all associated perks.

Boost Level

Discord servers can achieve different boost levels based on the number of boosts they receive. Each level unlocks additional benefits for both the server owner and members.

Here are the boost levels and their corresponding perks:

  • Level 1: Server Banner Background
  • Level 2: Animated Server Icon
  • Level 3: Vanity URL

The Impact of Boost Removal

If all boosts are removed from a server, it will lose its boosted status along with the associated perks. The server’s level will drop back to zero, and any unlocked features will no longer be available.

This means that if you remove your permanent boost from a server, you won’t be able to enjoy the boosted perks anymore. Similarly, if all users remove their boosts from a server, it will lose its boost level and revert to its default state.

In Conclusion

To sum it up, Discord Server Boost can be both temporary and permanent. Temporary boosts last for one week, while permanent boosts last until they are removed by the user. Boosts contribute to different boost levels that unlock various perks for both server owners and members.

It’s important to note that removing all boosts from a server will result in the loss of its boosted status and associated benefits. So, before removing your boost, consider the impact it will have on the server and its community.

Boosting a server is an excellent way to support your favorite communities and gain access to exclusive features. Whether you choose to boost temporarily or permanently, Discord Server Boost adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the Discord experience.

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