Is Discord Server Boost Permanent?


Larry Thompson

Discord Server Boost is a feature that allows users to support their favorite servers by boosting them. But one question that often arises is whether Discord Server Boost is permanent or not. Let’s dive into this topic and find out!

What is Discord Server Boost?

Discord Server Boost is a feature introduced by Discord to enhance the experience of its users. It allows members of a server to boost it, providing various benefits to the server and its members.

How Does Discord Server Boost Work?

To boost a server, you need Discord Nitro, which is a premium subscription for Discord. With Nitro, you get two server boosts included. You can use these boosts on any server you want.

Benefits of Server Boost:

  • Level 1: When a server receives at least one boost, it achieves Level 1 status. At this level, the server gets some perks like an animated server icon and a custom invite background.
  • Level 2: If a server receives at least 15 boosts, it reaches Level 2.

    At this level, the perks include even more advantages such as a banner for the server’s invite page and increased audio quality for voice channels.

  • Level 3: When a server achieves 30 boosts or more, it reaches Level 3. This is the highest level of boosting and comes with significant benefits like an exclusive vanity URL and increased file upload limit.

The Duration of Discord Server Boost

The duration of Discord Server Boost depends on your subscription plan:

  • Nitro Classic: If you have Nitro Classic, your boost lasts for one week.
  • Nitro: If you have Nitro, your boost lasts for the duration of your subscription. As long as you maintain an active Nitro subscription, your boosts will remain active.

What Happens When Boosts Expire?

If your Nitro subscription ends or you cancel it, your server boosts will expire. When that happens, the server will lose its boosted status and the perks associated with it.


In summary, Discord Server Boost is not permanent. The duration of the boost depends on the type of Nitro subscription you have.

Nitro Classic grants a one-week boost, while Nitro boosts last as long as your subscription remains active. It’s essential to maintain an active subscription if you want to keep the benefits of boosting a server. So keep boosting and supporting your favorite servers to enjoy all the perks!

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